10 Cruise Itineraries You Didn’t Know Existed!

Cruising to the Bahamas, Mexico and Jamaica are places we’ve all heard about before. What many don’t know is that there are hundreds of exotic cruises that take place on smaller ships. According to USA Today, here are the 10 best cruise itineraries you didn’t know existed.

Micronesia: This is a 19-night adventure through Australia, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea with Orion Expeditions. This cruise offers many unique ports of call like Rabaul and the “Pacific Pompeii” and includes exciting activities such as snorkeling, local dances and demonstrations of thatching, loom weaving and rope making.

Kerala, India: This luxury cruise with Oberoi Hotels and Resorts navigates the backwaters of Kerala India with a 3-night itinerary. Have the chance to meet local fisherman, take a boat ride excursion or observe a “Lathakali” dance which tells ancient Hindu Legends.

The Great Lakes: Great Lake Cruise Company offers voyages from June through October through waterways in the US including the Erie Canal, Hudson River and St. Lawrence Seaway.

Grenada: This 6-night cruise voyage on a 12 passenger schooner sails through Carriacou, Union Island, Bequila, Tobago Cays and Mayreau. Passengers can enjoy kayaking or assist the crew in sailing.

Scotland & Ireland: Enjoy an 8-night Gaelic Trilogy combining Scotland and Ireland starting in Oban, Scotland’s seafood capital. Take the journey to Jura, Bangor, The Isle of Man and Tynwald Island aboard the luxury Hebridean Princess.

West Africa: Greek-owned Variety Cruises offers a 7-night voyage along the rivers of West Africa. The ship sails to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Senegal, St. James Island in the Gambia River and Gambia National Park. Have the opportunity to view wildlife such as baboons, warthogs, chimpanzees, crocodiles and hippos!

Patagonia: This 4-night cruise follows the path of Charles Darwin from Punta Arenas, Chile to Cape Horn, Argentina. Creuceros Australis specializes in expeditions that include zodiac excursions through glacier and national parks.

Russia: Boutique cruise line, Uniworld offers an “Imperial Waterways of Russia” cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This is a 15-night adventure that gives you the opportunity to experience palaces, armories, 15th and 17th century cathedrals and medieval fortresses.

Labrador, Canada: This trip welcomes passengers to join in on Arctic dogsled and snowshoe expeditions in Canada.

Myanmar (Burma): Pandaw River Cruise Expeditions offers a 14-night stay in the middle of Burma and explores Pagan, known for its 3,000 monuments. Also visit local markets, teak monasteries and the ancient center of the Pyu Civilization.

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