10 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Laurie Daul, a Travel Specialist in our Manitowoc, Wisconsin travel agency, has these 10 free things to do in Las Vegas to share with you!  Laurie is one of our Las Vegas Travel Experts and would be happy to assist you in planning a vacation to Las Vegas.

  1. The lion habitat at the MGM Grand. This glassed-in enclosure which opened in 1999 showcases up to 5 lions daily, including descendants of MGM Studios’ famous signature marquee lion. There’s even a transparent tunnel through the habitat. Walk through it if you wish to be surrounded by lions. There is also a cute safari themed gift shop.
  2. New York City. New York New York Hotel & Casino opened in 1997. Outside, a faux Statue of Liberty stretches her torch between palm trees and a Coney Island-style roller coaster that does loop-the-loops in front of faux sky scrapers. Inside, patrons can pretend they’re in the Big Apple, strolling through an art-deco themed interior and a re-creation of Central Park.
  3. Gaze upon the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. This hotel along with its faux Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe opened in 1999. The tower has legs rooted in the hotel’s giant casino and stretches 50 stories into the Nevada Sky. Beautiful fountains are scattered throughout for another spectacular free activity. If you do want to spend some money, for about $15 you can take the “Eiffel Tower Experience” ride to the 50th story of the tower.
  4. Stroll the streets of Paris As you open the door to Paris Las Vegas and walk through the noisy casino you find yourself ambling down the cobblestone pathways of The City of Light, past French boutiques, street performers and singing bread deliverymen. The ceilings are painted turquoise with billowing clouds and are lit in such a way to trick the eye into believing you are walking the streets of Paris at dusk.
  5. The dancing fountains of Bellagio The Bellagio hotel opened in 1998. Every afternoon and evening the hotel’s manmade turquoise lake becomes the staging ground for a 1,000 foot long fountain display. Watch jets of water burst 240 feet into the air, sweeping and dancing up the lake to the sounds of classical music.
  6. The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Las Vegas  This resort is host to a collection of more than 300 birds including a flock of Chilean flamingos. African penguins, swans, ducks, turtles and koi also cavort amid the lush tropical foliage imported from all over the world!
  7. Caesars PalaceStroll to the Forum Shops and watch a seven minute show of special effects as Roman statues come to life.
  8. The flaming volcano at the Mirage Every 15 minutes from 7pm to midnight the Mirage’s faux volcano erupts only a few steps from Las Vegas Boulevard, sending fire 100 feet into the sky and transforming a waterfall into streams of molten lava. Step into the front lobby of the Mirage and check out the enormous aquarium.
  9. Gondola watching at the Venetian  Enjoy watching costumed gondoliers maneuver their elegant wooden boats through the “canals” of the 500,000 square foot shopping mall known as the Grand Canal Shoppes. Watching is free or you can ride for $16 per person.
  10. Fremont Street Downtown Las Vegas A section of the street has been permanently closed off to traffic as a giant overhead screen provides audio and visual entertainment throughout the evening. The street fair atmosphere with vendors and entertainers is quite jovial!!

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