2021 Traveler Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the traveler in your life for the holidays? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’re sharing some of our favorite travel items that we think make the perfect gift.

Gifts for Her

Gifts for the ladies in your life can be a little tricky but these three are sure to please!

Lip balm gift set

We all need to the stay hydrated, especially when spending our days under the sun. Tina from our Fond du Lac vacation office can’t travel without her lip balm. She suggests a gift set so that there are multiple options to keep in your carry-on, personal item and checked luggage.

Bracelets for a cause

This one is perfect for any ocean lover. While we’re enjoying our beaches, it’s important to keep them protected. Pura Vida gives back to charities that deserve our attention. For every ‘Clean Beaches’ bracelet purchased, they give back to the Surfrider Foundation who is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Advisor, Allison, from our Oshkosh office loves these cute and versatile accessories that serve as a reminder of her travels to Australia!

Colorful Hair Wraps

Beach hair, don’t care! These colorful accessories pair with any bathing suit as you spend your day lounging by the pool. Not only are these perfect for taming your sandy and salty locks, they double as added sun protection on your scalp. These are perfect to throw into a beach bag with some sunscreen for the perfect sun and fun gift.


Gifts for Him

Let’s face it, buying necessities for ourselves isn’t always fun, but these three gifts will have any guy grateful you took the time to think of them and their travel needs.

Monogrammed passport case

Brenda from our Greenfield office knows how important it is to keep your passport safe and sound while abroad. She suggests always keeping your passport in a case, and the one linked above makes the perfect personalized gift.

Floating Sunglasses

These sunglasses, made from recycled materials, are the perfect gift for the guy who’s notorious for winning belly flop contests. No need to worry about losing these bad boys in the bottom of the pool since they float! Functional, stylish and UV blocking all wrapped into one gift.

Body Travel Set

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent the night before vacation scrambling to find all your TSA approved travel containers. *raises hand* It may seem like a, dare we say, ‘boring’, gift but it’s one that guys will truly appreciate. This masculine scented set from Every Man Jack has all the essentials tucked inside a TSA approved, reusable bag – making it easy to grab and go!


Gifts for the Travel Techie

We all have a tech-lover in our lives. Sometimes these people can be the easiest to shop for and we made it even easier with the ideas below!

Travel themed phone case

We all know we can’t live without our phones, especially if we need to reach out to our travel advisor while on the go. A travel-themed phone case is a fun way to dress up a travel techie’s lifeline while jet-setting around the world.

Apple AirTag

Probably one of our coolest gifts on the list. This little device is an easy way to keep track of all your things while on the road. Never lose your luggage again by placing it in a safe interior pocket. With the Find My app on Apple devices, you can locate where your AirTag is based off of a safe and secure bluetooth signal.

Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing sets the mood of a vacation more than an awesome playlist. With a bluetooth speaker, you can jam to your tunes in your hotel room, on the beach, by the pool – literally anywhere! The nice thing about the JBL speaker linked above is that it has a sleek, compact, waterproof design. No need to worry about pool-side splashes.


Gifts for the “Souvenir-ist”

Make each vacation memorable with these creative gifts, perfect for those who are sentimental.

Keychain keepsake

Carry travel memories around with you, wherever you go! These keychains are perfect for those with a “must collect them all” mentality. The Wander Club sells tokens for destinations all around the world including countries, cities, National Parks and more! You can even customize tokens which make this gift even more thoughtful.

Scratch-off art

We LOVE these scratch-off wall art pieces! The one linked above from Etsy is perfect for someone whose travel bucket list includes destinations all around the world. Not only does this serve as a cool reminder of where you’ve been, but it also becomes a really fun topic of conversation when people see it hanging in your home.

Travel Journal

Know someone that’s taking a big trip? A travel journal is the perfect thing to pack in their suitcase. With Promptly Journals, you can record the most important details, memories and feelings you felt on an adventure including a section to paste photos. This is the perfect gift that allows a sentimental traveler to reminisce on their travels year after year.


Gifts for the light packer

We all know someone that is a practical traveler. Someone who only wants to bring the bare minimum. These gifts are perfect for our ‘type A’ friends.

Reusable Travel Containers

Stay organized with these magnetic travel containers made from ocean-bound recycled plastics. They come in several colors and can be customized for what you travel with most to fit toiletries, small jewelry and more.

Packing Cubes

Does this gift really need an explanation? These packing cubes are so convenient, especially for those that are light packers and like to group their packed items by day. And let’s be honest, these are great for all you over-packers out there, too! Katie, one of our advisors from the Sheboygan office recommends these to all travelers.

Insulated Tumbler

This item may seem a little unnecessary to a “light packer” but an insulated tumbler is perfect to keep in a carry-on. Make sure it’s empty until after airport security checkpoints. On the way to your gate, fill it up with some water to have on your flight. While in destination, especially at an all-inclusive resort, these are extra nice to have to keep your drinks cool and refreshing.


What are some of your favorite travel gifts you’ve received? Let us know in the comments.

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