3 Cities to Visit in The Netherlands That Aren’t Amsterdam

When we say Netherlands, you say….? Chances are most people think of Amsterdam when they think about vacationing to the Netherlands – but the truth is, there is so much more to the Netherlands than just this one tourist hotspot. We’re sharing four other must-see cities to add to your Netherlands itinerary.



Truth be told, Utrecht is very similar to Amsterdam in that it is a lively city with much to do in the summertime. There is no shortage of terrace cafes and bars and on weekends, you’ll find all kinds of cultural and music festivals. If you’re a history buff, visit Centraal Museum to discover Utrecht’s history as well as different artists and designers who have impacted the city’s growth. Take a day trip fit for a king to De Haar Castle. Frolick through the rose gardens surrounded by shimmering ponds or tour the inside of the castle with over 200 rooms.



As Europe’s largest seaport, there are many water-related activities to be a part of in Rotterdam. Residents and visitors, alike, can be found strolling along the city’s many bridges and canals or hopping from place to place via watertaxi. Enjoy one of the many coffee shops after a walking architecture tour. There is so much to admire including the iconic De Rotterdam tower designed by architect, Rem Koolhaas.



Not far from Amsterdam is the city of Haarlem known as the most Flemish city of the north. Admire the Gothic-style Saint Bavo Church and stop for a photo opportunity at the fully functional Windmill De Adriaan along the river Spaarne. If you’re traveling to the Netherlands in the spring, Haarlem is the perfect region to begin your Tulip tour as well as see the annual Flower Parade floats on display the day after the parade for and up close look at their beauty and intricacies.

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