5 Haunted Destinations Around the World

With Halloween almost here, we wanted to highlight some of the globe’s spookiest haunts. If you can’t handle your horror, we suggest you go elsewhere because the places on this list are not for the faint of heart. But, if you find the frightening fabulous, then this list of haunted destinations is for you!

Haunted Destinations - Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

This beautiful hotel is nestled among the Canadian Rockies and has been serving guests since 1888. While it may look stunning on the inside and out, be wary of what you’ll uncover when you stay here. With such a long history, this hotel has had its fair share of haunting stories. It’s most famous is the tale of a bride-to-be that fell down a staircase on her wedding day, leading to her demise. Since then, guests have reported seeing her float down the stairs late at night, and dancing in the ballroom all by herself. If haunted brides are too terrifying, maybe helpful bellman spirits are more your speed. Sam the bellman is another reported spirit that has been unlocking doors, turning on lights and providing help to guests of the 9th floor since his passing in the 1970s.

If you want to tour this hotel for yourself, consider talking to a travel advisor about a Canadian Rockies Rail tour with itineraries that stop near this legendarily spooky spot.

Haunted Destinations - Château de Brissac


Château de Brissac

This castle is another beautiful landmark with a rich history. Unfortunately for residents and guests staying in the lavish guest rooms, that history includes a vengeful husband taking the life of his wife and her lover. Guests who have experienced this spirit have claimed to have seen her dancing around in a green dress, hence her nickname of “The Green Lady.” If that isn’t creepy enough, witnesses also claim she has holes in her face where her eyes and nose should be. Don’t surprised if you also awake to her moans in the morning as they have been heard throughout the years.

Haunted Destinations - Catacombs of Paris


Catacombs of Paris

Fans of the macabre, this place is for you. The catacombs of Paris are eerie through and through with the remains of over six million people lining the walls. This resting place came to be when bad floods started spilling bodies from cemeteries into the streets of Paris. To rid of the bodies, the city decided to transport them to the catacombs. Tours are operated throughout the week that will take you through these creepy halls full of skulls set up in decorative formations. Make sure not to veer off track though, as these catacombs are massive and full of unmarked areas.

If you’re brave enough to pay a visit to these catacombs, check out our tour to Paris and Normandy River Cruise where you’ll enjoy a day of leisure in Paris.


Castle of Good Hope

The oldest building in Cape Town is also one of the most haunted, according to visitors. A wide range of apparitions reside here, from someone hanging in the bell tower to a black dog lunging at people walking the ground. Besides those mentioned, there are still plenty of other sightings reported throughout the years. There are even some guards that refuse to pass by the old dungeon at night, due to an evil presence. Don’t let these stories deter you from visiting, as this historic castle is full of fascinating sights.

Haunted Destinations - Eastern State Penitentiary


Eastern State Penitentiary

If you’re looking for a scare right here in the U.S., you’d be hard-pressed to find a place more frightening than the Pennsylvania Eastern State Penitentiary. Since this prison closed in 1971, tours have led visitors through its run-down halls where people have heard footsteps and voices as well as seeing shadows and figures. If that isn’t enough, every fall the penitentiary is transformed into a haunted house megaplex.


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