Seven Travel Tips for Your Next Trip to Alaska, by Colleen Alsberg

Alaska Travel Tips

If you’ve never been to Alaska, now is the time to start thinking about planning a trip to the Last Frontier. Whether you decide to visit by cruise with our very own Colleen Alsberg or Rose Gray, or visit on your own, these are tips that everyone could use. Check out our list of Alaska travel tips straight from the expert of over 20 years of Alaska experience.

  1. Don’t over pack; leave lots of room in your luggage for t-shirts, fleece jackets or vests and sweatshirts that you buy there, then wear them and take them home!
  2. Speaking of packing light, all of the hotels & the ship have hair dryers (if you don’t find one, look in closets in the hotels, vanity drawers on the ship) and if you aren’t fussy about your toiletry products, you will find shampoo, conditioner & bath gel everywhere too.
  3. A backpack is ideal for this trip.  It holds lots of stuff and will keep your hands free for photo taking (and unfortunately an umbrella if it’s raining.).
  4. Take a journal for notes to remember all the things you’ll learn along the way and also to collect some unique stamps at the National Parks.
  5. Take lots of single dollar bills with you. There are always people to tip whether they are helping you with your bags, driving shuttles, tour guides, etc. It’s a tipping world up there.
  6. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, so you won’t need a lot of cash. Take a Visa or MasterCard though, sometimes American Express & Discover are not accepted, especially at small family-owned shops & cafes.
  7. Please sign your passports!  It’s not valid until you do.

There you have it! Some great tips from some of the greatest tour managers. If Alaska is a place on your mind, feel free to contact a travel agent to find out all of the ways you can enjoy breath-taking landscapes, mouth-watering food and unforgettable experiences.

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