7 Tips for Taking Awe-Inspiring Travel Photos

Many have heard the travel quote, “Trips end but the memories last a lifetime”.  Here are 7 tips for taking awe-inspiring travel photos so those memories will never fade.

1.  Invest in a quality camera and gear and get to know the product before you go

Quality makes a huge difference on photos and whether you are a frequent traveler, or if you just want to be sure that you capture some great vacation shots, you may want to consider investing in the proper gear.  One common mistake is that people purchase a top notch camera for their vacation, but know nothing on how to use it and the different features.  Be sure to practice for a few weeks before the big trip so you can take full advantage of the investment!1


2.  Patience is key.

Capturing just the right shot can take time!  The view from your hotel window may become even more breathtaking as the sun sets over the cityscape. See a charming village street?  Waiting for an interesting person to walk into the frame may give it that extra authentic feel.  When you look back on your travel pics and you feel like you are there again, you will be glad that you took the time to capture the perfect shots! 2


3.  Take note of the small things.

When you’re looking at a building from far away it can appear very impressive, but up close it can be incredible. Even capturing signs with the local language, flowers, fruit, seashells and anything you find intriguing and different to your life at home can help to really capture the experience.44

4.  Capture a feeling.

If there’s something you come across that makes you feel a certain way – happy, sad, relaxed, inspired…. try and capture that. Think about taking a number of photos in various perspectives and see what you can come up with. Don’t be afraid to take risks!6

5.  Rise and Shine!

Avoid the overly crowded, cliché, ‘touristy’ photos.  A great way to capture authentic shots is to wake up before the city wakes. This image was taken early in the morning, before tourists filled the streets.8

6.  Don’t over-edit.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.  That Caribbean sunset does look extra vibrant when you turn the Photoshop settings up to extreme, but that is not how you want to remember your travel experience.  Over editing your photos can often make them look cheesy and faux.  So don’t be one of those people who overdoes it and can’t even remember what that sunset actually looked like!


7.  The Golden Rule of Travel Photography: You can never take too many photos. greece photo collage


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