A Polar Voyage of a Lifetime: Antarctica


Antarctica is an extraordinary and deeply inspiring destination filled with unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. It’s an incredible moment when you experience your ship slicing through snow-covered cracks in the sea offering unparalleled perspectives of Antarctica on a polar voyage of a lifetime. You can effortlessly access a nearly untouched world, where blue-tinted icebergs rise from frigid waters and massive glaciers are home to native wildlife like penguins and leopard seals. The wondrous continent of Antarctica is a serene frozen wonderland, with ice gleaming in all directions under the sunlight or shimmering under a blanket of stars.



Zodiac excursions transport you deep into the cracks and crevices of glaciers, carry you to shore and access otherwise impossible-to-reach spots. At Paradise Bay, spot a crabeater seal lounging on a nearby chunk of ice. In Neko Harbor, join an expert guide on a hike to a lookout point for panoramic views of a glacier, Andvord Bay and the Gerlache Strait. Most bird-watching enthusiasts dream of bringing their binoculars to Antarctica. At Cape lookout, a bluff on the southern coast, peek into the world of snowy sheathbills, cape petrels and wandering albatrosses. Even those who never considered birding a pastime will fall in love with the thousands of penguins – including chinstrap, gentoo and macaroni, waddling across the landscape. You may spy the massive movement of a humpback whale or orca breaching the surface to greet their visitors. Train your binoculars on the menagerie of other marine mammals that call this continent home – like Antarctic fur and elephant seals basking in the sunlight on drifting ice floes.

Tip: plan your expedition in the austral months (January and February) when the waters are filled with playful elephant seal pups during breeding season.

Beyond stunning landscapes and wildlife, an Antarctic journey also uncovers culturally significant moments. At Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands, the main attractions are the massive elephant seals – for which the island is named – but you can also view the bronze bust honoring Luis Pardo, who rescued Sir Ernest Shackleton’s shipwrecked crew. On Goudier Island, where you’ll find an abundance of gentoo penguins, you can also view the former listening station built by the British during World War II, now a museum.

From hiking the cliffs of the Falkland Islands to cruising the Antarctic Sound for glimpses of extraordinary polar wildlife, your Antarctic voyage will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of adventurous explorers.


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