A Review on the Litchfield, AZ Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park

Amy, of Fox World Travel, recently went on a trip to Phoenix, AZ accompanied by her son.  During their vacation, once of their favorite excursions was Litchfield Park’s Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park.  Hear all about their experience here:

SP6The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park is located in Litchfield Park, AZ and was an incredible experience for visitors of all ages. Admission is $32.00 plus tax per adult, kids 3-12 $15.25 plus tax, which includes admission to the zoo, aquarium and safari park. They do offer evening admission to the aquarium only for $16.99 plus tax per adult and kids 3-12 $8.99 plus tax. The zoo and safari park are open 365 days a year including holidays from 9am-6pm but be aware the last zoo admission is at 5pm. The aquarium is open from 9am-9pm. There is an additional charge for the rides in the park and be sure to have lots of quarters to feed the animals throughout the park. We were lucky and the lady before us had a buy one get one coupon so we only paid the $32.00. Parking is free as well but there was a charge for strollers and wheelchairs if needed. You can also bring in food and drinks. They have picnic tables throughout the park for easy access. The park does offer two cafés in the park that serve burgers and other items but the prices were high. $8.00 for a hamburger without the fries.

a02I have to say this was the best zoo I have ever been to! It has Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals, the first and only public aquarium, 225,000 gallons of fresh and salt water in 80 exciting exhibits including sharks, stingrays, penguins and seahorses. They have a Log Flume ride around Monkey Islands, past the Tropical Birds and through the South Pacific Reef Aquarium for $6.00 a person but it was not open when we were there. We started at the aquarium and I was impressed at how large it was. We got to feed stingrays and touch them! That was $3.00 a person for the food but well worth it. So fun to have them swarm around you and suck the food right out of your fingers! I can see it might be scary for little ones though as you are startled a bit when they take the food. We also got to touch starfish, a sea urchin and a sea cucumber. They have an interactive area called the touch tank where you can do this. Touching the animals was free and a ton of fun!

deer nibblesWe then moved on to the petting zoo area which had a 5/8 mile train ride around it. We did not take this, as it was really made for the little kids. It was $3.00 to ride the train. The petting zoo area had a play area for the kids to play on an actual playground. It also had Prairie Dogs, Snakes, Meerkats, a turtle feeding exhibit which I wish I would’ve done and Parrots around the petting zoo. I entered the petting zoo with a handful of food (25 cents for a handful) and was immediately swarmed by goats and deer. I ended up spending $1.50 to feed them all! My shirt was nibbled by a deer while feeding them and my purse was also nipped at by the goats! They do warn you that the goats will eat anything you bring in. I had so much fun in there; I think I could’ve spent at least another hour or so feeding them all!

feeding parotI noticed on our map that they had Lory Parrot feeding. I thought that we would watch the keeper feed these birds. Nope, you actually got to go into the enclosure, grab an apple, put it in your hand and the birds landed on you and ate right out of your hand! They only let a set amount of people in so get there early if you want to do this. This was free. The Lory’s were more interested in my fingernails then the apple so I got bit more times than I could count, which was more surprising than painful. My son found this to be very entertaining! They do this three times a day.

We wanted to get to the Safari park next which is located in the back of the zoo. We passed the African animal area; Gazelles, Waterbuck, Antelope and Ostriches were found here. On the way to the safari park we passed the giraffes and you could feed them and pet them! Another 25 cents for the food. My son ended up feeding the one giraffe because he was all alone and the other station had lots of kids around it. It was amazing how close you got. I think we could’ve spent another hour here feeding and petting him but there was so much more to see. They also had a baby giraffe in the other enclosure. We entered the safari park and there is a tram ride around it. It was $5.00 a person to ride but the driver was on break when we arrived so we decided to walk around it first.

SP10Here we found the white lion, storks, wildebeest and a whole bunch of other African animals! My son must have been very attractive that day because he had an ostrich follow him through the entire exhibit to the very end. It even sat there while we looked at other animals until we were out of sight. We arrived back at the entrance and took the tram ride. The tram ride allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, they are literally within arm’s reach! We were surprised at how close you got. My son’s ostrich friend was also in there so as soon as he was spotted the ostrich came right over and started eating his buttons on his shorts. He was followed until the tram went into another area. I believe it would’ve followed us home. We had a great driver who was very knowledgeable about the animals and entertained us throughout the ride. The tram ride ticket seller was originally from Kenosha so we chatted with him for quite a while!  All in all, this was a great excursion during our time in Arizonia and I would recommend it to anyone.

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