Added Perks to Improve Traveler Experience

No matter how large or small your travel program is, you have travelers who are affected by your policy decisions. It’s important to think about the individual traveler and their journey to identify areas where there may be pain points. Unhappy travelers can have decreased overall morale and job productivity, which eventually could cost the company.

Avoid this by making your people a priority, leading to a happy employee and successful business.

The Perks

Here are a few of our favorite and most common travel program perks that can make a huge difference for your company.

Lift Departure City Restrictions

While smaller airports may be more expensive, consider allowing a traveler to depart from a location closer to home. By opening options to your employees, you are putting time back in their day — time to say goodbye to their families, better prepare, and destress. You are also showing them that you value their time.

Allow Avoiding Flights with Layovers

Similar to lifting departure city restrictions, this added perk puts choice and trust in the employee’s hands to do what is best for them. Layovers are often cheaper yet can add significant travel time, so weigh the pros and cons of cost savings versus time savings.

Increase Per Diem

Penny pinching and eating at less-than-desirable restaurants to stay under budget is not a scenario for happy travel. Increasing the amount of spending money available allows travelers to make options more aligned with their dietary and personal eating habits. This keeps them happy and healthy on the road, for only a few dollars more.

Include TSA-PreCheck

Every traveler sees it when they go through security: the TSA PreCheck line. Those who travel frequently and even those who don’t often look at that empty line with envy. By providing PreCheck, even if only for the biggest road warriors in your company, you are granting an experience where employees feel valued and, again, save time.

To really understand how these perks would make your employees feel, you need to step into their shoes. Consider a trip sitting in economy for a long flight, with an added layover departing from an airport over two hours away. Then compare that to a flight where you have time to get ready, have a better seat, and travel from a location that gets you home from the airport in half the time. It’s easy to see how second trip would offer improved physical and mental health for your travelers. You have an employee with more time on their hands who can catch up on emails and get work done. Finally, employees will feel taken care of and, importantly, will more likely be willing to go the extra mile for your company. All these perks and more work together to create an environment for everyone to thrive.

Interested in learning more? Speak to a Fox client solutions manager today to learn how programs like yours are implementing these perks as part of their travel programs.

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