Advisor Spotlight: Alana Magestro Creates the Perfect Anniversary Trip to Sicily

Ever since Fox World Travel Advisor Alana Magestro created the perfect anniversary trip to Sicily, Italy for JoAnn Wright and her husband, JoAnn has partnered with Alana for all her travel needs. “She doesn’t try to sell me on something,” says JoAnn. “She asks questions, figures out what is best for me, and builds a trip for me.”

The trip to Sicily is a perfect example of a personalized itinerary. JoAnn started with the idea of visiting her grandparent’s home in a rather remote area of Sicily. “Alana asked us what else was important to us and I couldn’t really answer on the spot,” remembers JoAnn. “So, she told us to go home, think about our priorities and come back with a few details for her to build from.” JoAnn says it was the best advice.

“We were able to explain how we prefer small, local hotels and that we like to interact with locals, rather than other travelers,” she says. After that conversation, Alana developed a two-week itinerary driving Sicily, staying at boutique hotels and visiting their top priorities—including JoAnn’s grandparent’s village. “It’s a tiny place. No one goes there, but Alana found us a farm villa that had been converted into a small hotel,” says JoAnn. “She nailed it.”

Since then, Alana matched JoAnn and her husband on a Danube River Cruise, and they recently booked an Alaskan cruise. So, after a more than 10-year relationship, they have certainly gotten to know each other. “She knows us and no matter the issue, helps us figure out what’s best for us,” says JoAnn. “That’s what I appreciate the most.”


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