“I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

Since first immersing herself in the curious cultures offered by Italy and Switzerland at a young age, Bree Moede has developed a true passion for travel that ultimately led her to Fox World Travel.

Her journeys have taken her all over the globe. China was number one on Bree's bucket list. Hiking the Great Wall for seven hours was incredible. Getting well worth 1500 pictures! River cruising the Yangtze river is beyond beautiful, very lush and rugged. Paris, it was love at first sight. The cobble stone roads and local bistros felt like home. Amsterdam was filled with bikes and boat houses. Flower filled streets and history. Germany was picture perfect. The castles along the Rhine River were stunning.  London is full of history. The view from the London eye is not to be missed. From whitewater rafting in Colorado, to the slightly smoother sailing of Gondola boats in Venice, Italy, Bree’s experiences are vast. She has zip-lined in Jamaica, swam with sharks and sting rays in Punta Cana, snorkeled in Cozumel and hiked the Blue Ridge Trail. On top of all that, Bree has cruised the Caribbean, sailed the seas of Charleston, S.C. and spent time at Disney World’s Epcot Center.  Visiting Peru and Machu Picchu was also a true delightful and powerful journey.  And of course there is a twinkle in her eye when asked about her trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

She's also enjoyed experiencing river cruising, known for it's unique, slower paced way of seeing the country’s interior. Unforgettable, exclusive and more time in the destinations describes river cruising. Smaller ships gliding down Europe and Asia’s winding rivers, perfect for viewing ancient castles, vineyards and villages set back in time. Prague, Czech Republic is quite possibly Bree's favorite European destination. A very walk-able medieval-like city. St. Charles Bridge connects cobble stone Old Town to the Prague Castle. The bridge is filled with street musicians and artists and it's beautiful in every direction. Imagine enjoying a local beer high above the city, at the Prague monastery, overlooking A Charming red roofed city. Salzburg, Vienna brings to mind The Sound of Music, Mozart and mulled wine. Narrow streets, shopping and holiday markets. Budapest, Hungary is magnificent. Imagine soaking in a thermal bath enjoying a natural healing hot spring spa surrounded by marble columns. Walking through the city, it’s impossible not to linger at  the details. When the city lights come on in the evening it truly is the city of lights. Enjoy a jazz cruise at night surrounded by the beauty and history.

Bree has also toured Italy.  Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi coast. Southern Italy's quaint little villages are perched in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Italy is a foodies dream. Learn to cook from a local family. Making authentic Italian dishes like pizza or lemon tiramisu.  Hiking the Path of the Gods in southern Italy is an amazing experience. The views are truly sent from heaven.  Southern Italy is a destination that everyone should check off of their bucket list.

What drives Bree is her fascination with the way the rest of the world lives. In fact, she would tell you that she’s most comfortable when out of her element. Here at Fox World Travel, Bree hopes her experiences and expertise will help guide others on their own personal journeys – wherever that may be  What’s next for you? Find out by contacting Bree Moede today.

Specialty Highlights


Peru has been on my bucketlist for as long as I could remember and I can happily say I was able to check it off, and look forward to helping you do the same!  This truly is a fascinating country and was one of my most memorable journeys.  My first impression was one of colorful markets, sampling a Pisco Sour and Guinee Pig pizza!  Machu Picchu was of course the highlight of my trip. One of the seven wonders of the world. The mix of nature and ancient civilization was beautiful, extraordinary and powerful.


Bree spent two weeks wondering through China. She visited small cities to see how the locals live and explored the bigger cities and top tourist attractions too. She can recommend some of the best ways to get around China and has wonderful knowledge of the Chinese culture.  She is also an Imperial Tours China Expert.



Mexico is a favorite destination of Bree's.  She has had the opportunity to explore many resorts and areas and experienced many popular excursions.  She'd be happy to offer recommendations.


Imagine riding on the back of a motorbike, on the very crowded streets of Ho Chi Minh city, sampling food from the local street vendors. Or Sailing into Halong Bay, enjoying the more than two thousand beautiful islands. Vietnam is full of history, lush beauty, and some of the sweetest people I have ever met. A unique country that I will be returning to.


My Irish eyes are smiling… Ireland is like a big green patchwork quilt. Colorful and charming small villages, with friendly locals and pubs are around every corner. Try the bangers and mash or black pudding. Of course you must top that off with a smooth Guinness.

No trip to Ireland is complete without a stop at the Cliffs of Moher.  Stunning views from the top or a boat ride from below to get a completely different view of the cliffs.  Ireland feels like a step back in time, with castle remains giving us a glimpse of a different way of life. Winding roads, charming stone houses and green fields as far as your eyes can see.


Singapore is a rich cultural mix. Bree's first impression was one of beautiful skyscrapers, green parks and friendly people. This is a great destination for shoppers and foodies alike.


Malaysia is filled with cities steeped in history and streets lined with architecture. George Town in Penang should be on your bucket list. Think soft sandy beaches, architecture and loads for the history buff. Well known for their street art, you can make a day of it wondering the streets discovering street art around almost every corner.  The foodie fanatic will have fun trying all they have to offer.. think blue rice and stinky Dorian fruit.

Borneo, is probably best known from the first Survivor show. Borneo is a lush jungle, filled with colorful birds, crocodiles and orangutans. Bree stayed at a National Geographic Lodge. It was an amazing experience, set in a beautiful landscape.

Bree's Recent Trips