Chelsea joined the Fox World Travel team and started in the industry 1 year ago. She has always been interested in travel and has explored many places in the US as a teen. While Chelsea was in college, she completed a Study Abroad program in Barcelona, Spain. Her trip to Spain was barely the tip of the iceberg of destinations she wants to travel to in the future. Even though Chelsea is new to Fox, traveling is not new to her.

Chelsea is a lover of all things Disney. She worked for Walt Disney World during the opening of the World of Pandora as a participant of the Disney College Program back in 2017. She continues to visit Disney multiple times a year as her favorite times to go there are during Fall and Christmas. One of many adventures on Chelsea’s bucket list is to travel to all the Disney Parks around the world. She is also very familiar with Universal Orlando and the state of Florida as she travels to the destination frequently.

If Chelsea can give you one travel tip it would be to let yourself fully live within the moment of what you are experiencing when you travel. The sights, smells and sounds can all be a great memory. Do not be afraid to try new things that are different to you. When Chelsea fully submersed herself in Barcelona with the culture, food and lifestyle, her experience came so much more alive.

Chelsea loves working with clients that are from all walks of life. Whether it is your first time traveling or your 10th, she appreciates working with you to help create something so personal, your memories.

Chelsea’s favorite quotes to live by: “Adventure is out there!” – Disney movie UP & “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

Chelsea's Recent Trips