Becca has been traveling the U.S. since she was only just a few months old and internationally since she was eight. So far, she has been to 23 different countries and cannot wait to continue exploring the rest of the world. Becca is always looking for new and exciting adventures, as well as some rest and relaxation. The bigger the culture shock, the more eager she is to experience it.

Having a passion for scuba diving, Becca is always looking for the coolest underwater experiences and to share her discoveries with her clients. A couple of Becca’s favorites are Mexico, Caribbean and Europe – especially Ireland and Iceland.

Becca is a Certified Jamaica, Ireland and Cruising Specialist.  She is also one of Fox’s top African travel specialists.

Do you love beer enough to bathe in it? If so, Becca highly recommends beer bath spas in Iceland. The most serene place she has ever experienced was a secluded cabin on the side of a mountain in Norway in the middle of winter. She watched the sun set and moon rise at the same time on opposite ends of the horizon. Becca also recommends getting your heart pumping by riding a roller coaster through the Jamaican jungle.

Whether it is your first trip or your hundredth, if you are looking for relaxation or breathtaking adventures, Becca will make sure you have a vacation to remember.

Becca's Recent Trips