“I Haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!” Since immersing herself in the Italian culture for a month when she was 16 years old, Bree has developed a true passion for travel that ultimately led her to Fox World Travel. She has been in the travel industry for a total of 12 years and has been a part of the Fox World Travel team for 6 years.

Bree’s journeys have taken her all over the globe. From white water rafting in Colorado to the smoother sailing of Gondola boats in Venice, Italy, Bree’s experiences are vast. Her knowledge allows her to create detailed unique experiences for each client. She is a China and Japan expert as well as a Europe, Asia and river cruising specialist.

China was number one on Bree’s bucket list, and she not only accomplished that but also hiked the Great Wall of China. She spent two weeks wondering through small cities to see how the locals live and explored the top tourist attractions as well. Czech Republic is Bree’s favorite European Destination with streets filled with musicians and artists in every direction. Enjoying a local beer, at the Prague Monastery, overlooking a charming red roofed city is a moment Bree will never forget. Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast bring back memories of southern Italy’s quaint villages perched in the hills above the Mediterranean Sea. While in Italy, Bree learned to cook Italian dishes from a local family and enjoyed the meals with a glass of wine and beautiful views.

What drives Bree is her fascination with the way the rest of the world lives. In fact, she would tell you that she is most comfortable when out of her element. Here at Fox World Travel, Bree hopes her experiences and expertise will help guide you on your own person journeys – wherever that may be.

Bree's Recent Trips