I have been in the travel business since 1976 and during that time I have traveled to many destinations. I personally have been to Jamaica at least 17 times and am knowledgeable of the various resorts there. A unique destination I've traveled to is Thailand, where I had the opportunity to ride the elephants in Chiang Mai and also experience the unique cultures and people of that area. I take planning vacations for my clients very seriously and take pride in my work and profession.

Specialty Highlights

Costa Rica

Carol has been to Costa Rica several times and experienced the unique areas of this tiny Central American country.  The greeting in Costa Rica is  "pura vida" which translates to something like "this is living". Adventure seekers will enjoy river rafting, zip lining ,  deep sea fishing and ATV tours, while those looking for a relaxing getaway can lay back and enjoy the beautiful scenery, grab a good book and head to the pool or beach. Carol will offer you recommendations for places to watch an amazingly beautiful sunset, view iguanas lying in the sun, see a tree full of howler monkeys or marvel at a flock of macaw parrots flying over head, which they refers to as the "Air Force".  Whether you wish to travel on your own or with an escorted tour, Carol will match you with the Costa Rica vacation to suit your travel style.


I found Thailand to be an interesting and very exciting destination; an exotic country to be sure. The people are quite friendly and always smile at you. The food is outstanding and the sights are amazing.

In Chiang Rai I took a river cruise on the Mekong River and we crossed into the Golden Triangle. In Chiang Mai the highlight was touring the elephant camp and riding one of these magnificent beasts. Another highpoint was a visit to the Karen Hill Tribes which is where the young girls have rings placed around their necks for every year of their age. We also visited a night market where you can purchase knock-offs such as Coach, Estee Lauder, etc.

Bangkok is a bustling city with lots of traffic, narrow streets and a new adventure around every corner. You might see an elephant walking down the street with a trainer. Tok toks are small vehicles somewhat like a golf cart that are used for local taxi service and provide a fun way to get around the city. While in Bangkok you’ll want to tour the Grand Palace and see the Emerald Buddha, and experience the floating market, the bridge of the River Kwai and of course see the Thai Village Show. If travel to Thailand is in your future, let me help you create a customized itinerary that will result in lasting memories

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