Corrin’s passion for travel began in her youth when she had the opportunity to go on a variety of family trips.  In attempt to incorporate this passion into her eventual career, she decided to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University.  During this time, she also traveled throughout Australia to attend the University of New South Wales-Sydney where she studied Event and Tourism Management under the instruction of an industry expert.

After pursuing a professional career in the industry for several years, Corrin eventually realized that she desired a change of pace and decided to start traveling.  She traveled to 8+ countries over the course of two years, bringing her ‘total-countries-visited’ count to 13.  From taking a boat up the Amazon River to rocking a dirndl at Oktoberfest in Munich, this stint of travel is what re-ignited her passion that eventually brought her to Fox World Travel so that she could share it with others.

Collectively, with her wide range of travel experiences and event management abilities, she has developed a keen knowledge when it comes to travel planning.  Regardless of a client’s level of experience or preferences, Corrin is more than capable of accommodating.

Corrin's Recent Trips