Diane has been with Fox World Travel for more than eight years and has 12 years of experience in the travel industry overall. Throughout her life, Diane did not travel much with her family, as her typical vacations were at a cottage on Shawano Lake. She knew growing up that she wanted to explore more of the world, so she looked for a career that could make that possible! Diane attended McConnel Travel school in her early 20’s and now has extensive experience and knowledge traveling all over the world.

Diane has traveled to a variety of destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America as well as being certified in Ireland, Alaska and Hawaii and an emphasis in Germany and all-inclusive vacations.

Diane’s most memorable travel experience was when a 14-foot whale emerged from the water, showing its back, followed by its tail. Suddenly the whale disappeared, and minutes later, broke through the ocean with most of its body, landing on its side sending water and waves in the distance. It took Diane’s breath away and she had to ask herself what just happened. While sitting idle in the boat, the whale immersed again and again, trashing down on the top of the water sending shock waves through the ocean water. In between the epic show, the whale would wave with its large fin, as if saying “hello” followed by a belly roll. The cameras clicked furiously amongst the tourists. Diane was located approximately 25-50 feet away and they were able to see the barnacles (living organisms) attached to its mouth and head area. The captain said several times, “How unusual for us to capture this moment.” Diane had to pinch herself for this amateur National Geographic experience. She feels blessed and that nothing could top this experience in her travel career.

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” - let me help you see your way.

Diane's Recent Trips