Emily recently began her career as a travel advisor with Fox World travel and has quickly developed into a key role within the travel industry, learning more and more each day! Emily fell in love with traveling at 12 years old after her first taste of saltwater in the Bahamas, and she can’t wait to share the excitement of traveling with her clients.

She brings a personable approach and experience when working with travelers. She knows just as much as anyone how the long and cold, winter months feel. Having her own experiences with the “sun and fun” destinations allows her to give genuine recommendations to her clients.

One of her favorite memories while traveling was hiking and cave tubing through the rain forests and rivers in Belize. Her guide, Snake Man, popped his tube at the beginning the tour which required him to swim alongside her family through the caves down the river. He taught them a lot about the culture, and you better “Belize” that she recommends the experience!

Emily looks forward to exceeding clients’ expectations of Fox World Travel through her personal background and the advisor-exclusive resources. She wants to make sure that every traveler’s trip is scrapbook page or Facebook wall worthy!

Emily's Recent Trips