James Montie is the dynamic Branch Manager of the Appleton office at Fox World Travel, where he heads a team of experienced vacation travel advisors. With a penchant for humor and an unwavering passion for travel, James has become the go-to guy for all-inclusive and beach vacations, escorted land tours, custom independent travel, group travel river cruising, adventure or active travel, ocean cruising, luxury and VIP travel, family vacations, and honeymoons and romance travel.

From exploring exotic destinations to navigating through complex challenges, James and his team excel at providing vacation expertise that has solidified Fox World Travel’s reputation as a prominent leader in the travel industry. With a blend of tenacious spirit and strategic vision, he has leveraged his 10+ years of management experience in the travel and hospitality industries, along with a background in marketing and job development, to spearhead successful ventures and foster positive collaborations.

James holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, but his real education comes from a lifelong pursuit of purpose, exploration, and collaboration. With a knack for unraveling complex problems and an insatiable curiosity, he always seeks to create win-win situations that leave a positive impact on stakeholders.

Outside the office, you’ll often find James advocating for causes close to his heart, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. His passion for giving back extends to volunteering with the Salvation Army each year. When he’s not making the world a better place, James enjoys quality time with his family, indulging in travel adventures, ATV escapades, and fishing excursions. He’s a big fan of comedy and all genres of music, and he’s been known to play some good-natured pranks on his friends. As a devoted Green Bay Packers fan, he never misses a chance to root for his team.

Above all, James cherishes time and the moments that matter most. His infectious enthusiasm for leading and exploring the world is matched only by his dedication to creating a bright and exciting future for those around him. For him, joining Fox World Travel was the perfect way to balance his passion for team leadership and wanderlust—a chance to have big fun while guiding others toward their own unforgettable adventures.