From her very first trip to Las Vegas at the age of 2, Jay Campbell’s passion for travel was ignited. Since then, she has explored half of the U.S. states, ventured to various islands, and embraced the vibrant cultures of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Grand Turks, and Mexico. Jay’s travel preferences range from fun and sun destinations to immersive cultural experiences. One of her favorite domestic destinations is New Orleans, where she indulges in the unique cuisine, rich history, captivating architecture, soulful music, and distinct dialect that sets the city apart.

Jay is a firm believer in the power of family travel, recognizing the importance of intentionally creating lifelong memories with loved ones beyond traditional gatherings. Her own cherished family tradition involved spending Christmas at Disney World and embarking on a weeklong cruise afterward, repeating the joyful experience for five consecutive years. Now, as Jay starts her own family, she aims to establish new travel traditions while exploring the world. She is driven by the desire to expose her children to different places, cultures, and perspectives, fostering their education and understanding of the world.

The travel industry has always held a strong allure for Jay, influenced by her mother’s involvement in the industry. While her initial dream of becoming a flight attendant was disrupted by the pandemic, Jay’s journey led her to discover her true calling as a travel advisor. With her innate love for planning trips and creating unforgettable experiences, Jay derives immense joy from curating personalized adventures for families. As a Travel Advisor at Fox World Travel, she combines his expertise, passion, and dedication to ensure that every trip becomes a cherished memory for her clients.

Let Jay Campbell guide you on a journey of discovery, exploration, and connection. With her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to crafting exceptional family experiences, she is ready to transform your travel dreams into reality. Contact Jay today and embark on a world of endless possibilities.