Jenn has been a part of the Fox World Travel team since October 1991 and has 32 years of experience in the travel industry overall. For Jenn, the excitement of travel is taking in the sights and sounds while meeting people from all over the world and learning about their cultures.

She loves river cruising in Europe, as nothing beats the relaxing atmosphere and views along the way. Jenn recommends stopping in the quaint ports to shop, take pictures, and simply relax and enjoy the day. On the flipside, she also loves an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico or Jamaica. Wisconsin winters are the best time to get out of the cold for a week at the beach to rejuvenate her senses!

Traveling with her family and creating memories is the key to Jenn’s happiness. She loves to share various destinations and experiences, as well as show her family just how much the world has to offer with each place they visit together.

Have some vacation thoughts in mind? Jenn would love to work with you to create your next vacation memory!