Julie has been in the travel industry since 2015.  She loved to travel when she was a kid taking family vacations all across the west and to national parks, it really is what sparked her love for travel.  When consulting as a travel advisor, she genuinely loves listening and getting to know her clients and what they are looking to experience from their vacations.  No two travelers are alike, and listening is key.

Julie is a sunshine and beaches kind of gal so it’s anywhere warm for her.  You can also find her traveling to off the beaten path destinations like Belize & Costa Rica.  She is a Hawaiian Specialist, Alaskan Specialist and Puerto Rico Specialist.

Snorkeling in Belize has got to be her most favorite experience, it truly was like the movie Finding Nemo, the colorful fish, eels, turtles… just unbelievable.  A tip she often suggests to her clients is to travel with an open heart and open mind, striking up conversations with the locals, such as people working at resorts, on cruise ships or guiding excursions. They often have great insight and tips that can help you discover even more about the country you are in.  Another tip… always pack medications and one change of clothes and/or bathing suit in your personal carry-on bag, just in case!

Amazing experiences are waiting for you!  There is no time like the present to plan your travel, so let Julie help you and be there through all the stages of your travel journey!

Julie's Recent Trips