Kim has been in the travel industry since 1985. She started her career in the industry after graduating from McConnell Travel School in 1984.

Kim takes great pride in her attention to detail, especially when it comes to remembering her personal experiences to pass along tips to her clients.  She simply loves hearing about their travels upon returning and lives vicariously through her customers’ vacation experiences. Kim is always enthusiastic to advise on trips to out of the ordinary destinations, whether travelling across the US or around the Globe!

Kim spent approximately 7 months backpacking in Europe when she first started in the travel business and it was, hands down one of her best experiences. She loved experiencing different ethnic foods and immersing herself in their culture. She also enjoys the Last Frontier, Alaska, as she has experienced both cruise and cruise tours with Princess and Holland America. Whether you want to hike, bike, fish or experience the beauty of Alaska, she is beyond excited to assist you as one of Fox World Travel’s Alaska Tourism Specialists.

Ready to get started?  Kim is here and ready to share your passion for travel, whether an adventure to Antarctica or soaking in the sun on one of the Caribbean beaches. Wherever your passions take you around the Globe, it’s time to get started.