Kimberly has been in the travel industry since 2007 and with Fox World Travel since 2010. She has been enamored with travel her entire life, from small road trips with her grandparents when she was young to traveling around the world with her family. The desire to travel is in her blood!

Kimberly is a member of Fox World Travel’s Disney Dream Team and has completed Disney’s College of Knowledge. Having lost count of the number of visits to Disney, she has also experienced numerous all-inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean as well as being a Certified River Cruise Specialist.

Whether it is planning Disney trips around Run Disney events, kissing a giraffe in Kenya, bathing elephants in a river in Thailand, or ziplining over the waterfalls in Hawaii, Kimberly is all about making the most out of her travels. Not only does Kimberly love an adventure, but she can also spend her days laying by the pool of an all-inclusive resort with a book in her hand.

The world is full of unique and beautiful places to explore that are just a plane, train, bus, cruise or car ride away. The research and planning can be more than you bargained for, but it is one of the many aspects of traveling that Kimberly enjoys most. Let Kim take care of the details while you relax and decide which book you are going to bring on your next adventure!

Kimberly's Recent Trips