Laura has always enjoyed traveling…. anytime… anywhere.  Two of Laura’s fondest childhood memories are family camping trips. She loved learning about and experiencing the differences between western and eastern USA and basically being “somewhere else”.  Laura’s travel experiences expanded when she became a teenager and had the opportunity to fly to visit relatives in Alabama during her school’s spring breaks. While in high school Laura was fortunate to travel twice to Europe where she visited Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Russia. These trips sparked something in Laura and she hoped that one day she would have a chance to travel more and perhaps even pursue a career in travel. This dream was temporarily put on hold when she started her family which now includes three children.  Recently, Laura was able to fulfill the dream of becoming a vacation travel specialist and although she is relatively new to the industry, she has already had the chance to travel Mexico on several occasions.  Laura is looking forward to traveling to more exciting vacation destinations, exploring new cultures, and helping Fox World customers fulfill their travel dreams.

Specialty Highlights

Laura has traveled to Mexico a number of times and has visited Cancun, Riviera Maya and Playa Mujeres. She has visited and inspected properties in these areas that have ranged from moderate hotels to luxury, five star resorts. She has also participated in several popular excursions and is familiar with the various methods of local transportation. Laura is happy to share this knowledge with you as you work together to create a fantastic Mexican vacation

Laura's Recent Trips