“Not all who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Meet Lindsey, a passionate travel advisor at Fox World Travel who brings her lifelong love for travel to help you create dream vacations. After completing an intensive vacation travel training program at Fox, Lindsey joined the team, eager to fulfill people’s travel dreams. Growing up with a mother in the travel industry, Lindsey’s fascination with exploring the world was instilled in her from an early age.

Among Lindsey’s most cherished travel memories is her camping trip around Iceland, an experience that left an indelible mark on her. From the awe-inspiring landscapes to the incredible wildlife, it was a journey that surpassed all expectations. If there’s one place in Iceland that Lindsey highly recommends, it’s the Blue Lagoon—a breathtaking oasis of relaxation and beauty that captivated her with its tranquility.

Drawing from her own travel experiences, Lindsey offers a valuable travel tip: to live in the moment. While capturing memories through photos is important, it’s equally crucial to put down the camera and truly embrace the experience. The world is vast and magnificent, and Lindsey encourages you to take in your surroundings, especially when exploring new destinations.

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, Lindsey has explored the charms of France, Italy, Spain, and Iceland. She has a particular fondness for all things French and has had the pleasure of visiting three of the six Disney parks worldwide. Paris holds a special place in her heart, and she eagerly anticipates returning to this beloved city.

Lindsey’s thirst for knowledge extends to her passion for history. She revels in visiting museums and historical sites, finding deep fulfillment in connecting with the past. Destinations like Rome and Pompeii, with their rich historical significance, have left a lasting impression on Lindsey. Walking in the footsteps of history brings her immense joy and satisfaction.

Let Lindsey be your trusted guide as you embark on extraordinary journeys. With her wealth of personal travel experiences, love for history, and commitment to delivering exceptional service, she will curate a tailor-made itinerary that resonates with your desires. Contact Lindsey today and embark on a remarkable adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime.