Martha has the perfect job! She loves to travel and see the world. Let Martha help you create your dream vacation. Martha grew up in France and Germany. She continues to spend time in Europe and loves experiencing its rich history and uniquely diverse cultures. Martha enjoys people watching at the many sidewalk cafes in Paris, hiking along the coastline of the five villages in the Cinque Terre in Italy, and taking a scenic carriage ride in the beautiful town of Seville, Spain. In addition to her experience in Europe, Martha has also traveled to just about all 50 states, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Costa Rica. She has also traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and both coasts of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula. Martha has sent clients on exotic safaris in Africa, on wine cruises in Europe, to Russia and the Far East, and for relaxing Mexican vacations. Let Martha plan a delightful vacation to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, exploring the rain forest and zip-lining through the trees. Or would you rather visit the beautiful coast of Northern Africa or take a Ferry to enjoy stunning views around Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong? Whatever your destination, let Martha’s experience and love of travel help you make this your best vacation ever!

Specialty Highlights


Having grown up in France, Martha has a special love for the country, as well as much of Europe. She’d love to share her passion of the charm of France with you. Whether you plan to relax at a side walk café and people watch, eat at a quaint restaurant or enjoy the beauty of all tourist destinations, Martha can share her ideas with you to plan a truly memorable experience in this unique and fascinating country. Get ready to explore France from every corner!


Italy is one of the world's most popular travel destination with its cities, museums, historical monuments, art, culture, cuisine and high fashion.   Martha is very excited about helping you plan your trip of a lifetime!  One of Martha's favorite destinations in Italy is an area called Cinque Terre  in the Italian Riviera.  You'll experience rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea.  Paths, trains and boats connect the five villages and when you combine a trip to Cinque Terre with other popular cities, you're in for a real treat!


Is Hawaii on your bucket list?  Martha is a certified Hawaii Specialist.  Martha has visited Hawaii by land and has also sailed on Norwegian Cruises' popular Hawaii cruise.  She has the expertise to help you plan your vacation to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii.

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