Mary Lou Gazdik has been a vacation travel specialist since 2007 and was an educator prior to starting her career at Fox World Travel.

She has traveled to every continent and explored some of the most remote and beautiful places this planet offers.  A few of her incredible adventures include:

  • Snorkeling among sea lions and sea turtles, marveling at marine iguanas and baby albatross and witnessing natural selection happen at the Galapagos Islands.
  • Cruising Halong Bay on a luxury junk boat and releasing lanterns in the heart of the town in Vietnam.
  • Watching North Korean soldiers walk across the border of the demilitarized zone in South Korea.
  • Going on safari for four days at Mala Mala private game reserve near Kruger national park In South Africa.
  • Kayaking among icebergs, seeing thousands of Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins and spending time among the scientists of the British Scientific Station, Port Lockroy and the Polish scientific station in Antarctica.

Her diverse travel experiences also include visits to many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, large ship cruising, exploring Europe by river cruise, a Chinese adventure, teaching in Poland, exploring the famous big five in South Africa and seeing the sites of the Emerald Isle. There's also her fascinating trips to Kenya, Croatia and Rwanda!  She has a genuine passion for traveling and helping others experience new life adventures through their own travel opportunities.  When you consult with Mary Lou you'll hear the passion ring through as she both shares her experiences and listens to what it is you are looking for in a vacation.

Let Mary Lou help you create a perfect travel itinerary and lasting vacation memories.
"We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey."
-John Hope Franklin

Specialty Highlights


Mary Lou has traveled the highways and waterways of Alaska, endearing the pristine destination to her forever. Her relatives moved to the Great Land where they wrote books filled with intriguing adventures of Eskimo villages and life in the wild. Mary Lou will find an adventure for you by designing an Alaskan vacation experience of your own. See first-hand the panoramic beauty of the state of Alaska and create memories of your own.

Galapagos Islands

Mary Lou has been to the exotic Galapagos Islands and snorkeled with sea lions, photographed giant tortoises, and shared pathways with blue-footed boobies and other native species. Mary Lou will guide you to this world treasure by planning your getaway to this once in a lifetime exotic adventure.

Honeymoon Travel

I have traveled to many romantic adults-only resorts in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and St Lucia. I would be happy to help you find the best location for your special honeymoon.


The Caribbean awaits.  All-inclusive vacations are the best value for travelers of all ages. Your inclusions are: all meals, all drinks, activities, entertainment, and some non-motorized sports. Mary Lou can book flights and transfers with your package and you will be on your way to unsurpassed beauty, geographical diversity and cultural treasures in an array of venues. Experience captivating ocean views and beautiful beaches. Once you travel on an all-inclusive vacation, you will want to go again and again. Mary Lou has been to many resorts and can help you find the right one for you.


The Emerald Isle is filled with rolling hills, gentle people, magnificent castles and years of Gaelic heritage. Mary Lou highly recommends travel to Ireland to shop for traditional Irish goods, enjoy spectacular ocean scenery and engage with the locals at an Irish Pub.  Don't miss your chance to discover the natural beauty of the scenic back roads and vibrant cities of Ireland.

River Cruising

Mary Lou has discovered the most relaxing way to experience dynamic cities and only unpack once. Imagine traversing the Rhine, Danube, or Moselle rivers and bringing your exquisite lodging with you.  River cruising has a flair for the historic sites while traveling the heart of Europe in a modern vessel that is smaller and more intimate. Don't miss your chance to experience your first of many river cruises where you will have opportunities for inclusive tours, fabulous local cuisine, and memorable moments at every turn. River cruising is Mary Lou's favorite way to see the cities of Europe. "I genuinely love recommending river cruises to my clients who want an intimate experience in the heart of Europe. I've had the opportunity to cruise various river cruise lines and can offer advice on choosing the best overall experience for clients."

Mary Lou's Recent Trips