With two years of experience in the world of travel, I find so much joy in creating unforgettable vacation experiences. From new travelers to seasoned adventurers, my passion lies in carefully crafting every detail of your journey. By understanding your preferences and desires, I aim to transform your vacation into an everlasting memory. Let me be your guide in planning your upcoming escapade – whether it’s a daring expedition or a relaxing retreat. My forte lies in attentively listening to your needs and aspirations, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.                                                            

Basking in the sun on a beautiful beach is where I am happiest, making my certifications in Hawaii and Jamaica especially meaningful. Growing up in a small Illinois farm town nurtured my appreciation for diverse landscapes. Post-high school, I left the mainland and made Maui my home for the next seven years with my high school sweetheart, Jared, who is from the island. During this time, I worked at the Pacific Whale Foundation, coordinating bookings for eco-tour adventures. After marrying Jared in Maui, my journey led me back to Illinois, where we embraced parenthood, and raised our two children – Kaimana, aged 14, and Kamalei, aged 8. Together, our family enjoys quality moments that fill our lives with happiness. 

Outside of my travel profession, I love spending time with my family. Due to the nature of my career, I have also become the unofficial event planner of the family. I enjoy every opportunity to infuse creativity into gatherings and celebrations. My personal interests span from embarking on new endeavors to fishing, ATV riding, and, naturally, exploring the world! 

Let’s collaborate to design your dream vacation. With my travel expertise and your aspirations, we’ll create an experience that lingers in your heart for years to come.