Hungarian born and raised, Nikoletta has worked in the travel industry since 2015 and since, has moved to the U.S., where she is now the Manager of Fox World Travel’s Brookfield retail office.

Since childhood she has had a desire to see the world and explore as much as possible. She often went small trips to Hungary’s neighboring countries, including Croatia, Poland, Austria and Slovenia. She also attended youth conferences in Greece, Spain and Italy, which inspired her even more to travel.  Nikoletta even has first-hand experience as a travel guide while in college because she had a desire to meet people from all around the world.

Nikoletta knows the cultural and natural treasures of Hungary and the hidden gems of the capital city, Budapest. She can provide advice on Budapest’ day-and-nightlife, the best places to eat, where the locals spend their free time, where you can find the best bakeries and can explain what is a must visit ruin bar and where you can find the best (world famous) natural baths/spas.

Nikoletta also lived in center of London, UK for 3 years and traveled all around England. She worked on a cruise ship for 5 years and visited 108 countries along the way…including two Grand World Voyages (4 months around the world while visiting 6 continents each time.) Spent 5 summers in Alaska.

Traveling is a joy of exploring the unknown, connecting with nature and people, and seeing the world from new perspective while enjoying all activities the place can offer. Climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan; watching tango dancing in Argentina; bridge climbing in Sydney, Australia; sail boat riding on the Nile in Egypt; skiing in the French Alps; hiking in Norway; swimming with sharks in Bora Bora; photographing wildlife in African safari; zip lining in Costa Rica; watching skyline in Hong Kong; glacier walk in Alaska; sunbathing in Seychelles Island; meeting with locals in Greenland; kayaking in New Zealand; bicycle riding in Bali and enjoy sipping sangria in Spain are amongst her favorite things to do in our beautiful world.

Working in travel industry has been amazing journey for Nikoletta in many ways and she loves sharing her experience and knowledge about the places she’s visited as she supports our team of travel advisors and our loyal clients.

Providing inspiration and helping people to discover the world we live in makes her heart smile.