Sonjia’s passion for travel started at a young age with regular family car trips to visit family in the U.P. of Michigan and the deep south of Alabama. Her extensive travels include: 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, Australia, Italy, Greece, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Panama, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Canada and 25 of our 50 states.

Sonjia has first-hand experience in 4 of the Hawaiian Islands from her in depth immersion trips as well as traveling to Jamaica from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay to Negril. Her favorite thing to do in Jamaica is to relax and unwind on the beautiful beaches staring out at the turquoise water. She personally enjoyed her Honeymoon in St. Lucia, and it will always hold a special place in her heart. Sonjia most recently was in Victoria and Western Australia. Explored the cities of Perth and Melbourne and toured Rottnest Island.

Sonjia is a Hawaiian Island Specialist, Jamaica Specialist, St. Lucia Specialist, dedicated Aussie Specialist – has been invited to Australia twice by the Australia Tourism board.

Some of her most memorable travels – Wine tasting at a villa’s vineyard in Tuscany, night snorkeling with manta rays in Hawaii, swimming with a huge Maori wrasse fish in the great barrier reef in Australia, just to name a few.

Sonjia loves all things sunny, warm & beachy, anything tropical and I am there! She also enjoys finding great vacations and creating lifelong memories. If you are dreaming of a European river cruise, a romantic honeymoon, a family friendly all-inclusive, celebrating your next Anniversary on a white sand beach or a personalized land itinerary, contact Sonjia to start planning your dream vacation!

Sonjia's Recent Trips