Sue has been a member of the Fox team for 25 years and in the travel industry for 35. Having several family members in the airline business, she started hearing about their stories and adventures at a young age which ignited her love for travel. Sue now lives and breathes leisure travel, and her eagerness to piece together the perfect vacation for her clients is evident.

The vast first-hand experience and knowledge she has about a variety of destinations allows her to customize client’s vacations based on their interests and needs. She is a Certified Travel Specialist with Avalon Waterways, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, AMA Waterways, Viking River Cruises as well as Globus and Monogram tour companies.

Sue has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. Living on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten for a period of time, Sue fully understands the intricacies of island living and travel. Her more recent love is for Europe and all the history and culture it holds. One of the many things she enjoys about Europe is exploring the quaint villages along the river. Sue is happy to tell you about all her travel experiences, but she’ll be even happier to work with you in creating your own.

Whether you are dreaming of luxury cruises, escorted tours or relaxing sun-filled getaways, Sue loves to help clients experience places they have never been and revisit old favorites. Her true pleasure is when clients return happy and excited about their travels.

Susan's Recent Trips