Find Your Alaska with Fox World Travel

From breathtaking natural parks filled with wildlife to larger-than-life glaciers that you can walk on, Alaska is an adventure for everyone!

Alaska is near and dear to our hearts at Fox World Travel.  Our travelers experience Alaska in a number of ways, tailored to their specific interests.  This includes Land+Sea Journeys, cruises, guided tours, independent travel and more.

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming Alaska Travel Events, including OnStage Alaska, presented by Holland America Line as well as our Alaska Travel Shows presented by Fox World Travel’s Alaska Experts.

Our collection of 2019 Land+Sea Exclusive Journeys have just been announced.  See below!

Alaska Travel Shows Presented by Fox World Travel

Attend one of our popular Alaska Travel Shows, presented by Fox World Travel’s Alaska Experts.  We’ll be visiting cities throughout Wisconsin so you can learn about planning your Alaska Journey, including the must-see sights and destinations, when the best time of year to visit is and other recommendations from our experts.

Find out why Land+Sea Journeys are one of our most popular ways to discover the natural wonders of Alaska. You’ll learn about our expert-guided 2019 Holland America Line Land+Sea Journeys. We’ll also stick around to answer any questions you may have. Plus, show attendees may receive exclusive bonuses and special offers.

2019 Land+Sea Journeys, Exclusively Hosted by Fox World Travel

Our exclusive 2019 Land+Sea Journeys are now available.  Enjoy a number of exclusive benefits, including a Fox Tour Manager.   Special offers are available when you book by October 22, 2018!

More Alaska Opportunities

Looking for a different experience?  We also offer a number of other Land+Sea Journeys with other cruise lines, cruise-only options and both guided and independent land-only options.  Explore online or call one of our Alaska experts to help decide which way to visit Alaska is for you!