Attract Top Talent Using Your Travel Program

When it comes to the modern traveler, consider the many needs that make up their entire experience and what they want from not only their business travel, but also from their company culture. For example, the travel-obsessed millennial may be enticed by a company with a flexible travel policy that encourages and supports taking advantage of blesiure opportunities. Some of this generation are even placing travel above money when searching out a new career. Millennials are quickly becoming the largest percentage of the workforce, so understanding how to recruit and retain these employees is incredibly important.

Align Your Policy to Match Company Culture

As your company culture continues to evolve, so should your policy. It is the combination of these two elements that will be attractive to potential new talent. A travel policy that is in lockstep with your company objectives will support travelers as they go on the road to achieve the company’s overall goals rather than a siloed policy that is largely driven from only the goals of the travel department. Additionally, a policy that includes ways to reward employees for compliance and smart decision making can indicate a culture of caring and giving back. Whatever values your company places higher up, working to find a balance to best represent your culture while maintaining corporate goals is important and something an effective client solutions team can work with you to achieve.

What does this look like?

Added Benefits

There are many different benefits out there you can easily incorporate into your travel program to increase traveler satisfaction. By performing surveys with your travelers, you can pinpoint where they place the most value and understand pain points to help you identify the right enhancements for your policy. Examples of a few policy inclusions that address common pain points include TSA PreCheck memberships, the ability to use personal credit cards for added rewards and increased per diem to support healthy meal choices while on the road. While added benefits can mean added expense, it’s important to consider the cost for employee recruiting and retention. Long term, these traveler-friendly changes and expenses will often save more money for the company overall by increasing employee retention and supporting travelers to achieve better business outcomes.

Expanded Offerings

Outside of corporate travel benefits, consider providing your travelers vacation specific perks. Offer the ability to turn business into fun by taking vacation days immediately following a trip. As bleisure trips continue to grow, many companies continue to grow their offerings in this area. This encourages those who may not travel as much to take some time away and come back rejuvenated and oftentimes, more productive.

Promote Policy

How you communicate your policy plays a role in how others perceive and understand it. By aligning with corporate culture, you can better sell your company’s most important values as a recruitment and retention tool. Combine that with clear language and a diverse communication plan to increase understanding and compliance. A varied communication strategy has a greater chance of resonating those who absorb information differently.

With top talent in place, how do you make sure travel compliance remains high? Find out here.

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