Australia’s Tropical North

Tropical North Queensland

There’s no place on Earth like Tropical North Queensland, surrounded by reef, wrapped in rainforest, and circled by the red-dirt Outback. Here you’ll discover the world’s largest rainforest. The Wet Tropics dates back to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Find rare plants, birds, and animals you can’t find anywhere else. On the Atherton Tablelands, discover waterfall after waterfall, and witness where two World Heritage sites meet (rainforest and reef) at Cape Tribulation and Mission Beach.

Atherton Tablelands

This lush and incredibly green region of rainforest, wetland, and savannah is found just southwest of Cairns and rises more than 700 meters above sea level. Hike a trail that meanders through Crater Lakes National Park or opt for the challenging Misty Mountains of Wooroonooran National Park. There are also 60 kilometers of mountain bike trails that wind through the Lamb Rang. Check out the limestone caves in Chillagoe and nearby volcanic crater lakes with numerous waterfalls, all created from ancient coral reef eroded over centuries.


This colorful, quirky rainforest village is home to an artistic and musical legacy. Tour the two outdoor markets, Kuranda Original Rainforest Market and the Heritage Market where you’ll find locally made clothing, jewelry, woodcarvings, and leather work. There’s also plenty of fresh local produce. Visit the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, home to more than 2,000 butterflies. Don’t miss the most famous waterfall lookout in Queensland, Barron Falls, located just outside Kuranda.


Great Barrier Reef

The blinding blues and greens of the Great Barrier Reef run parallel with the Queensland shoreline for 1,600 miles. As one of the seven wonders of the world, this is a top spot for snorkeling and diving. Here, underwater adventurers will give you a glimpse of majestic sea life of more than 400 species of fish and coral.


Michaelmas Reef and Upolu Cays National Park

Underwater photo of young woman snorkeling and swimming with Hawksbill sea turtle

This gorgeous national park in Queensland is just east of Cairns and forms the Arlington Reef, located within the Great Barrier Reef. Take a private boat charter to this remote area, which is one of the most coveted diving and snorkeling sites on the globe. Michaelmas is known for calm waters – protected dive sites ensure calm, clear views of dazzling coral and marine life, including massive sea turtles.


Vlasoff Cay

If you’re wanting to chase the sun in Tropical North Queensland, hop a private charter flight and picnic on Vlasoff Cay, a tiny sand island amidst a kaleidoscope of ocean blues. After dining on fresh seafood, fly back to the main land and explore iconic waterfalls, such as Josephine Falls, Crystal Cascades, or Behana Gorge, and then stroll the charming coastal town of Palm Cove.

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