Avalon Creativity – Paris and Normandy’s Landing Beaches River Cruise, day by day

There’s something so magical about the experience of river cruising in Europe and we thought we’d share it with you first hand, with day by day updates from our popular Tour Manager, Colleen Alsberg.  Colleen escorted a group of travelers from Wisconsin and Illinois on an Avalon Waterways River Cruise, hosted by News talk radio 620 WTMJ’s Jim Peck.

River Cruise: Paris and Normandy’s Landing Beaches
Cruise Ship: Avalon Creativity
2-night stay in Paris
April 2012

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Colleen’s day by day updates:

Day 1:  Heads are bobbin’ but the WTMJ travelers are in Paris safe and sound! We are anxiously awaiting our cruise on the Avalon Creativity in a couple of hours and hanging out with our resident celebrity, Mr. Jim Peck.

WTMJ Paris & Normandy trip update: I wish you could have seen the faces of the folks in our group as we explored Paris today. They were like kids at an amusement park, oohing and ahhing at the beautiful monuments and buildings, excited to see what was around the next corner and cameras buzzing. We are having a wonderful sunny day. This afternoon we are off to the Louvre or Versaille, the choice was theirs.

WTMJ Vacation Update: As it was our last night in Paris, we gathered on the sundeck and watched the Eifel Tower sparkle and twinkle. What a magical and romantic evening! Paris sure brings out the romance in people. I think there was a little more hand-holding and kissing’ tonight!

WTMJ Vacation Update: We started our trip down the River Seine this morning and what a glorious start. The sun was bright and the sky could not have been bluer! After arriving in Conflans, some of us traveled to Josephine Bonaparte’s Malmaison Palace, while the rest literally walked into a Van Gogh painting in Auvers sur Oise! Back onboard, we enjoyed a lovely classical trio before what everyone thought was the best dinner to date! Ohhh the French delicacies!

WTMJ Vacation Update: We could not have had a more perfect day yesterday! Visiting Monet’s Giverny in the early morning fog gave his lily pond and gardens a mystical feel. Then the sun shone brilliantly on all the gorgeous flowers and his quaint French village. Everyone loves how diverse this trip is. Later back on board we were treated to fresh crepes for lunch, a fun pastry demo at the afternoon tea and then a hilarious Crew Talent Show after another amazing dinner!

WTMJ Vacation Update: We are in Rouen now and enjoyed a lovely walking tour of the old city. Some highlights: stained glass windows in the cathedral dating back to the 13th Century, St. Joan of Arc history and church, the Astrological Clock, Normandy houses dating back to the time of the plague,  and of course, MACAROONS! For a bigger French city it still has a lot of charm! Some of us took the optional tour to the harbor village of Honfleur. So picturesque, it’s no wonder the artists came here….painted, drank a little absinthe, painted some more!

WTMJ Vacation Update: Had a wonderful dinner last night with Jim Peck and 3 lovely ladies in our group (lucky Jim!). He is full of interesting stories and kept us entertained. Today we are off to Normandy.

WTMJ Vacation Update: It’s hard to put in words all the emotions that were felt today as we visited the sites of WWII. From Pointe du Hoc and Omaha Beach where thousands of soldiers lost their lives, to the American Cemetery where they now peacefully lay. This day was very personal for many on our trip. Fathers, Uncles and Brothers were there on D-Day. Many tears fell, especially when they played the National Anthem and Taps in a special ceremony for us Americans on American soil in France.

WTMJ Vacation Update:  Well we’re home and we had a memorable trip!  I can’t wait to escort our future groups on river cruises throughout Europe.  They offer such a diverse and personal look into some of the most treasured parts of Europe.

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