Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix

One of the best things about traveling is feeling completely immersed in your new environment. While it’s unfortunate that we can’t be on vacation all the time, one of the best ways to get lost in immersion and escape our day-to-day lives is through film. If you’re staying in for a relaxing Friday night but still want to be transported to a whole new location, we wanted to highlight some of the best travel documentaries on Netflix!


Street Food

You know when you are told to go to this fantastic, fancy restaurant that just opened up, but it turns out you much prefer a greasy cheeseburger from the hole-in-the-wall dive bar down the road? That’s sort of like the beauty of discovering street food vendors wherever you go. In the documentary “Street Food,” street food vendors around the world are highlighted along with their signature dishes and style, along with their passion for cooking. Because we all know, if you want the real, authentic cuisine experience when you travel, you have to stop for some street food.

Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix


Tales By Light

No matter how much you get to see and experience on a vacation, it’s just never enough time to do everything you want to. Whenever you travel from place to place, there is always something to learn about the people, nature and the cultures that surround us. In the documentary series “Tales By Light,” some of the world’s best storytellers help you scratch that exploration itch by taking you through some of the most beautiful sites the planet has to offer, along with what makes each part of the world truly unique.

Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix


Taco Chronicles

Tacos are a collective favorite food of the team at Fox, so much so that we might be in some trouble with our co-workers if we didn’t include this one on the list! But let’s face it, despite our passion for travel, we’re never not thinking about food. “Taco Chronicles” is another excellent documentary that highlights some of the tastiest tacos in Mexico City, but also traces the origins of the beloved food to a place you wouldn’t expect!

Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix


Pedal the World

While we’re partial to traveling on a plane in style and kicking our feet up, it is inspiring to see the incredible ways people explore the world. In the film “Pedal the World,” Felix Starck tries to fully understand the meaning of life by documenting his life as he travels 11,000 miles through 22 countries on only his bicycle as he discovers what the world has in store for him.

Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix


National Parks Adventure

Oftentimes when traveling, it’s just as exciting to simply take in the beauty the world has to offer. While the curiosity of other countries across the globe is often awe-inspiring, some of the most beautiful places in the world can be found in our own backyard. In the documentary “National Parks Adventure,” filmmaker Greg MacGillivray takes us on a journey through the wonderous great outdoors found in the United States, as they discover what makes each national park so special.

Best Travel Documentaries on Netflix


Of course, we couldn’t include all of our favorites, as this list would have gone on forever! We hope you find some time to kick back and enjoy some of our picks for the best travel documentaries on Netflix!

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