Best Travel Gadgets You Need for Your Next Trip

Hello! I’m Kiley, an advisor at the Appleton office!

But before I joined the Fox team, I embarked on an unforgettable solo adventure, backpacking through Europe. As I prepared for this epic journey, I dived deep into the world of travel gear, searching for the perfect gadgets to enhance my experience. Today, I’m excited to share with you my carefully curated list of the top five must-have travel gadgets for your next adventure!


Top Up SIM Card

One essential aspect of stress-free travel is having a reliable SIM card for your phone. Opting for a top-up SIM card, particularly for roaming data, allows you to seamlessly use services like Google Maps, search engines, and communication apps while exploring new destinations. Ordering online in advance is advisable, as it not only ensures convenience but also provides the opportunity to compare prices. With prices as low as $10 for 5GB of data, it’s a cost-effective solution.

While I personally used Vodafone (Hungarian) during my travels, it’s essential to note that some providers might not offer English translations on their websites. However, the affordability and the need for topping up only once a week made it a practical choice. To use such SIM cards, your phone must be unlocked, allowing it to accept other SIM cards. European SIM cards tend to be more economical and often work across multiple countries, thanks to an EU law preventing extra charges for cross-border usage.

Stick to SIM cards designated for a specific continent for better service.

Space-saving bags

Packing efficiently is crucial for a smooth trip, and space-saver bags can be a game-changer. These bags, available on platforms like Amazon or Target, come in various sizes, allowing you to compress your clothes and save space for more outfits and souvenirs. A compact steamer or access to a flat iron ensures you can quickly eliminate wrinkles.

Luggage Tracker

Safety is paramount during travel, especially in crowded areas prone to pickpocketing. Consider investing in pick-pocket safe bags, and be vigilant about securing your belongings. A bag tracker is another handy tool, offering peace of mind by allowing you to locate your bags if they get lost or stolen.

Nausea Avoidant Wristband

For those prone to seasickness on cruises, a wristband targeting pressure points can be surprisingly effective. Placing pressure on specific points helps alleviate nausea, providing relief during your maritime adventures.

Portable Charger

Additionally, a portable charger or power bank is a must-have for travelers constantly on the move, ensuring your devices stay charged for all those unforgettable moments captured through photos and videos.

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