Meet Your Tour Manager: Clarissa Demmon

With a Bachelor of Arts in global human geography and a minor in history, Clarissa Demmon has a passion for travel and different cultures no matter where she finds herself. Her hobbies of photography and cooking also feed into her love of travel, so on trips, she likes to take a lot of pictures in addition to trying new dishes native to her destination.

Clarissa has traveled all throughout the U.S. with some of her favorite states being Alaska, California and Nevada. She has also visited Mexico multiple times in addition to the islands of the Caribbean including Jamaica and St. Lucia. Demmon said, “Nothing is better than the crystal-clear waters, beauty and warmth of the Caribbean and its people.” When she isn’t exploring new locations, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and dog, as well as going to Milwaukee Brewers games and concerts as much as possible.

She finds herself fortunate to be a Tour Manager and escort Fox World Travel groups, including Alaska Fox Group Vacations in the summer and radio station groups in the winter. Demmon said, “It’s wonderful being a part of the client’s experience and excitement all while getting to know them. Vacations are about having the best time you can have and wanting to go back to for another adventure!”

If you’re interested in an Alaskan adventure, take a look at our upcoming Fox Group Vacations.

Tips to Incorporate Wellness into Your Next Company Event

All across the U.S., wellness trends are on the rise. This is no different in the meetings and events industry. From pre-event to post, companies are finding ways to incorporate wellness into their events to enhance the employee and guest experience. When planning your next event, try to incorporate wellness into one or all these areas below.

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A Guide to the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a state unlike any other in the U.S. With six visitable islands, there is so much to see and experience with each island offering a completely unique experience. Unless your stay is a long one, we suggest sticking to the main four islands for your visit. These four will offer an endless amount of sights, foods and experiences for your stay, no matter how long it is.

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Vote Fox World Travel 2019

Thank you to all of those who choose Fox for all of their travel needs. Your support is the reason all of our Vacation Travel Consultant’s receive the recognition they do. By voting in your county’s yearly awards for the best travel agency, you can continue to support your favorite consultant you’ve come to know over the years. We appreciate every vote as these awards mean a lot to the people that work so hard day in and day out to make your well-deserved vacation a memorable one. Below are links to all of the counties in which we have a nominated location. Please take a couple of minutes to vote.

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What is Blockchain and How Does it Impact the Travel Industry?

Guest post by Fox Chief Information Officer Sam Hilgendorf 

While attending SAP Concur Fusion 2019, a session that stood out to me was around Blockchain and its potential impact to the travel ecosystem. Too often, Blockchain is solely tied to cryptocurrencies. But Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is the distributed public ledger technology that powers and secures Bitcoin transactions between participating parties.

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Meet Your Tour Manager: Mary Muehlius

With travels to almost 40 countries, exploring has always been an important part of Mary Muehlius’ life. In addition to travel, Mary is an active volunteer for multiple programs including local theatres as well as AFS, a study abroad program that works with host families to provide a successful cultural experience.

Mary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in special education as well as a Master’s in educational guidance counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. As a teacher for over four decades, Mary is excited to take her experience leading to the field of travel where she will lead upcoming Fox Group Vacations around the world.

Besides traveling, you’ll often find Mary enjoying one of her many hobbies including swimming, running, bicycling, theatre, playing clarinet and violin, studying language and attending local cultural events.

Although Mary has traveled in just about every form you can imagine, she is an avid cruiser. Some of her extensive river and ocean sailings include adventures to Hawaii, Greece, Egypt, France, Portugal, the Caribbean, Alaska and many more.

If you’re interested in exploring the world, take a look at our upcoming Fox Group Vacations.

Meet Your Tour Manager: Rose Gray


Now with over three decades in the travel industry, Rose Gray started her career off as a vacation travel consultant. From there, she experienced all walks of travel life as a business travel agent, branch manager, manager of business development as well as work with an airline. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from Lakeland College in addition to her Certified Travel Certification (CTC) from the Institute of Certified Travel Consultants.

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Recording: Online Presentation Highlighting South America with Lori Skelton

You’re invited to Experience the Vineyards of South America on our custom, one-of-a-kind tour of Argentina and Chile, October 10 – 22, 2019.  This tour is hosted by Wisconsin Public Radio Host, Lori Skelton.

Rose Gray recently hosted an online travel show highlighting the experiences showcased on this guided tour with Globus.  Please reach out to a Vacation Consultant at Fox World Travel by calling 888.369.8785 if you’d like to learn more or make your reservations today!

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