Vacation with Country Music Stars!!

Vacation with Country Music Stars:

Vacation with Country Music Stars
Vacation with Country Music Stars
  • Thompson Square
  • Jerrod Niemann
  • Edens Edge
  • Jana Kramer

THE Royal Playa del Carmen
February 2-9 or 3-10, 2013
Departing from Milwaukee or Chicago O’Hare
Nonstop Flights with Funjet Vacations
Hotel-only pricing also available to pair with other departure cities.

Escape the icy grasp of winter and join country music stations Y100, FM106.1 and 96.3 Star Country on the 2013 Great Escape at THE Royal in Playa Del Carmen! Discover luxury around every corner, all in perfect beachfront location, just a few steps from Playa del Carmen’s famed Fifth Avenue. Discover lively night spots, trendy cafes, a variety of local and international shops while experiencing THE Royal’s flawless hospitality. This resort is simply amazing!

As if the resort itself wasn’t amazing enough, we’re also bringing along the most entertainment yet! We’ll be joined by country music recording artists: Thompson Square, Jerrod Niemann, Edens Edge, and Jana Kramer. Plus you’ll enjoy LIVE morning radio broadcasts from the resort with your hosts!

Choose from convenient departures, either February 2-9 or 3-10, 2013 from Milwaukee or Chicago O’Hare. Hotel-only packages also available if you would like to travel from another departure city. Call 866-463-6946 for details. Escape the winter chill with Fox World Travel, Y100 and Funjet Vacations!

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Italy River Cruises with Uniworld

As the only North American river cruise line to sail Italy’s Po River and the Venice Lagoon, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises offers you an unparalleled adventure through this historic seat of Western culture. Discover the newest addition to Uniworld’s collection of extraordinary destinations, as you journey through the birthplace of European Renaissance and home to exquisite art and architecture.

Venice to Rome | 13 Days
Sun-drenched vineyards, the poetry of Dante, gondolas on the canals of Venice, Romeo & Juliet—Italy is a destination offering something for everyone. Birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy has given the world a splendid legacy of art, architecture, music, poetry, and legend.

Venice to Venice | 8 Days
Celebrate the glories of Italy with the Po River and Venice Lagoon as your highway. Unpack, pour a glass of prosecco, and prepare to explore Northern Italy from the comfort of a luxurious ship. From the canals of Venice and the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna to historic city centers of Verona, Northern Italy offers dynamic places to visit.

Call a travel specialist at 888-369-8785 and ask how you can save up to $1000 per couple on Boutique Italy River Cruises!


You can start preparing for an Italian epicurean adventure with this exclusive “Italian Touch” recipe from Uniworld’s Culinary Director, Bernhard Zorn, who has earned the prestigious title of Global Master Chef from the World Association of Chefs Societies after over 30 years of culinary experience.


Lightly crush the garlic cloves and heat with both oils in a large nonreactive sauté pan over medium heat until the garlic starts to sizzle. Adjust the heat so the garlic continues to cook evenly in the oil, releasing its own essential oils, and softens but does not brown for about 2 minutes. Add the zucchini and carefully blend with the oil. Season with salt.

Continue to cook slowly, stirring from time to time, until the squash is completely softened and starts to break apart but does not brown for about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and let rest in the oil for 2 hours. Pour into a fine-mesh strainer, reserving the zucchini and oil separately. Keep the same pan, without cleaning, to cook the clams.

Heat the zucchini oil in the pan over medium heat until it starts to sizzle. Add the clams, cover the pan, and turn the heat to medium-high. Cook the clams, gently shaking the pan from time to time, until they start to open for 5 to 6 minutes. Cooking time will vary, depending on the size of the clams and the thickness of the shells. Add the reserved zucchini, hot pepper flakes, and parsley. Gently stir with the clams. Set aside.

Boil the linguine in an abundant amount of salted water until done to taste. Reserve 1/2 cup of the pasta water before draining the linguine, adding a little of the pasta water so that the zucchini and pan liquid coat the pasta like a sauce.

Transfer to a warm serving platter or individual pasta bowls. Start with the pasta, then top with the clams and zucchini. Serve immediately—with extra hot pepper flakes on the side.

Finding Vacations with Nonstop Charter Flights

We all know that nonstop airfare is one of the most convenient ways to go.  No layovers, no waiting in line in more than one airport each way, less hassle, the list goes on.  SO, that’s why we are so excited to be able to offer our travelers a variety of vacation packages with seasonal nonstop charter airfare to destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

Popular charter flight destinations include Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, Jamaica, Ixtapa and Los Cabos. Our Funjet All-Inclusive “hot deals” are seasonal and based on departure city.

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Most Popular Destinations for Weddings on the Beach Right Now

planning a destination wedding

best destinations for a weddingWhy Plan a Destination Wedding?

  • IT SAVES ON TIME/PLANNING: To make planning a breeze, Fox World Travel can help you choose a destination and arrange tailored packages for you and your guests. Most resorts have full-time, onsite wedding planners who can coordinate every aspect of your wedding day.
  • IT’S MEMORABLE: Having your family and friends join you in a beautiful destination will create a celebration you’ll never forget. Your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.
  • IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY: Destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings due to their smaller size. Many resorts offer complimentary or affordable wedding packages, and, by choosing an all-inclusive resort, the cost of food, beverages and lodging will be included in the guests’ vacation packages. In addition, extending your time in the destination will cost you far less than taking an entirely separate honeymoon.
  • IT’S SENSIBLE :With families and friends spread throughout the country and world, it is likely many of your guests will have to travel regardless of your wedding’s location. Why not have them meet you in a fun and exciting destination?

Tips for Preparing to Leave on a Vacation

Step 1

Make arrangements for pets, plants and mail. If you are leaving pets at your house to be taken care of, have your pet sitter water the plants and pick up the mail. You can also use Aqua Globes or other types of devices that will water your plants in your absence. If you won’t have anyone tending to the house, contact the U.S. Postal service to arrange to have your mail held until you return.

Step 2

Make arrangements and plan ahead for family members who will not be joining you. If you are leaving children or a spouse at home, make sure they have everything they might need while you’re gone. Freeze a few favorite casseroles to give them a taste of your cooking even while you’re away. Leave a photo of yourself with small children, who will be reassured by seeing your face each day. Leave detailed instructions with your caregiver for everything from snack preferences to bedtime routines to minimize disruptions.

Step 3

Tie up loose ends at work. Set up an away message for your e-mail and voice mail, giving your return date and the names and numbers of coworkers who can be contacted in your absence. Give a copy of important files to a contact in your department who can act on your behalf while you’re away. Place other information that coworkers might need in brightly colored, clearly labeled files on top of your desk so they don’t need to rummage through your drawers.

Step 4

Send out an itinerary and instructions for reaching you. Let your family know where you will be at all times. Give them flight numbers, hotel names and addresses and a rough schedule of your activities. Arrange for a way for them to reach you in the event of an emergency. Make sure they have the phone numbers for the places you’re staying as a backup to your cell phone number.

Step 5

Set up payment for bills that are due while you’re away. Most bills can be scheduled online for payment on the appropriate day. If you cannot schedule bill payment for while you’re gone, pay the bill early.

Step 6

Clean out the refrigerator. Toss out leftovers as well as any items that will expire before you return. Limit your grocery shopping in the weeks leading up to your vacation to the bare essentials. Keep the ingredients for at least one or two meals in the freezer so you won’t have to go on a last-minute shopping trip as soon as you get home.

Step 7

Purchase timers for three or four lights throughout the house and set them to go off at various intervals. This will help the house look lived in while you’re away. You should also arrange for a friend or neighbor to mow the lawn if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

Hidden Expenses to Consider When Traveling

There’s nothing like surprise expenses while on vacation to put a damper on your mood.

Here are seven fees you should factor into the budget — including a few you can avoid altogether if you’re smart.

Visa fees

Visas are required for U.S. citizens traveling to some major countries, and the fees can really escalate.

Planning on taking that once-in-a-lifetime trip to China? Budget another $140 per person for a visa. A visa to visit India costs $76 (including a service fee), while a visa for Russia costs $170. Countries like Brazil charge American citizens the same amount that our government charges their citizens to visit the U.S. — a hefty $160.

Go to the consulate’s website to find out how much the Visa fees will be based on country. Be sure to plan ahead with this one!


Departure taxes

Have you ever looked at the breakdown of the cost of an airline ticket?

Mixed in with the Passenger Facility Charge and the Segment Tax is usually a departure tax for international flights. Many countries charge one, though its not always included in your airfare. If that is the case, you’ll be hit up with an exit fee at the airport on your way back to the U.S.

This is especially common in the Caribbean and Central and South America. The departure tax for St. Kitts is $37 per person, while the departure tax from St. Maarten is $30 per person. To leave Costa Rica you will owe $28.

The fee is usually payable in cash or by credit card and must be paid before proceeding through immigration for your exit stamp. Airport websites often have information about exit fees, and you can always call your airline to inquire about the departure tax, too. In case you were wondering, these fees are sometimes levied to cover things like airport construction, road work and water and sewage system maintenance.

Resort fees

This fee is probably the most hated among travelers, especially since it covers things you probably assumed were free — pool towels, daily newspaper and even in-room Internet, in-room coffee, gym access and more.

Hawaiian resorts and Las Vegas hotels are notorious for charging extra fees (though there are a few that do not, including the Kona Beach Hotel). These can add anywhere from $10 to $30  per night to the room rate.  Sometimes it’s even a percentage.

And these charges are non-negotiable, even if you aren’t planning on logging on or working out. Be sure to read the fine print, where resort fees are often tucked away, especially when using a third-party booking site or call the hotel.

Cruise gratuities

Those amazing cruise deals are so tempting, especially for all-inclusive boats where your meals are included in the price. Even if you have prepaid, you will still get a bill before you reach the final port detailing the incidental charges you racked up while you were gliding through the Caribbean. You might be surprised to see just how many piña coladas you ordered by the pool — and that you owe more than $150 for gratuities.

Most major cruise lines automatically bill cruisers between $10 and $12 in gratuities for each day of the cruise.  And these set fees do not include the 15% automatically added to your bar tab.

Though the charge seems mandatory, if you feel the tip doesn’t reflect the service you’ve received, you can adjust the rate up or down by making a trip to the purser’s office to discuss the matter in person.

Baggage fees

When it comes to which airlines charges what for checked bags, excess luggage and even carry-on bags, it can be exhausting to keep up, even for our travel agents!

It’s well worth researching airline baggage policies before you even book. That $50 difference between fares can disappear quickly if you have to pay $70 to check two bags.

Money exchange

Setting off to explore an off-the-beaten-path beach or a tiny village that’s large on charm is all part of the adventure. The mom-and-pop restaurants and shops that line main street are a nice change from the chain stores that every city seems to have, but don’t count on them taking credit cards -— or the presence of an ATM.

It’s worth those few minutes on your way out of town to stop at a major ATM (which offer the best exchange rate) before you head out for the day. If you don’t, you’ll be hit with much higher fees at a foreign exchange bureau — or let the shopkeeper determine how many USD that souvenir is worth.

Foreign transaction fees for airline tickets

Finding a great price on a flight directly from, say, British Airways or Air France is fantastic. But be aware that just because the price is in USD doesn’t mean you won’t be charged a foreign transaction fee by your credit card company. The airline is still an overseas business.

There are ways around the fee, though. One is to use a credit card that doesn’t charge for international transactions (Capital One is one). Or find a U.S. airline partner of the airline you want to book with.

For example, if you’re looking into flights to Germany and find a deal with Lufthansa, book through their partner United’s website instead to avoid foreign transaction fees showing up as part of your charge.

Not sure if the airline has a U.S. connection? Airline partners are listed on the company’s website, or check to see if they are part of the larger networks (such as the Star Alliance, which includes Lufthansa and United as well as South African Airways and Air New Zealand).

What are the marriage requirements and paperwork for a destination wedding?

Destination Wedding in Jamaica, Planned by Fox World Travel

With the growing popularity of destination weddings to Mexico, Caribbean and Jamaica, this question commonly comes up:

What are the marriage requirements for a destination wedding?

The answer:  It varies by the destination you will be getting married in and whether or not you are going to have a symbolic destination wedding or a legally-binding destination wedding.

View a chart of destination wedding marriage requirements for Mexico, Jamaica and Caribbean here.

Destination Weddings at Azul Hotels in Riviera Maya, Mexico

We have a team of travel specialists on a destination wedding exploration trip right now in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the beautiful Azul Hotels.  We can’t wait to share what they have to say about the Azul Fives, Azul Beach and Azul Sensatori.  In addition, they will be visiting the Adults-Only El Dorado Resorts and Spas and we will share photos of that trip as well! Call 888-369-8785 to start planning your destination wedding or fill out our form online and someone will be in contact with you to discuss your interests, travel plans, options and more.

Azul Hotels Destination Wedding Layout #2

Azul Hotels Destination Wedding Layout #3 on Roof

Azul Hotels Destination Wedding Layout #4

Things to Bring on a Caribbean Cruise

We have quite a few families headed on Cruises this summer and thought we’d share a few of our travel agent’s recommendations on things to bring on a Caribbean Cruise!

-Bathing Suits for All Occasions
-Snorkel and Mask
-Underwater Camera
-Wildlife and Night Sky ID Cards (for those interested in wildlife/snorkeling excursions)
-Sun Hat and Fastener (gets windy!)
-Smaller Day Pack/Back pack (definitely for day trips)
-Watch (you will not find many clocks on board, especially helpful when traveling with a group and setting meeting times!)
-One/two pair of dress pants that can be paired with multiple shirts for formal dining (saves space!)
-Lanyard to attach your room key to (a whole puncher is nice too :)

For more expert advice or cruise planning guidance, contact a Caribbean Cruise Expert today!

Favorite Unusual Museums in the World

We found these museums to be unusual and interesting and thought you might too! Our travel specialists help travelers plan vacations to these popular destinations year round, and these are some unconventional ideas to consider when you’re looking for things to do on your vacation!

Paris Sewer Museum – Paris, France

Of course our travelers flock to popular tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but here’s another idea for an attraction to visit: the Paris Sewer Museum. First opened to the public in 1867, the sewer tunnels running underneath Paris are where visitors can gain knowledge of the history and inner workings of the Paris sewer system.

Bata Shoe Museum – Toronto, Canada

The Bata Shoe Museum is home to a collection of more than 10,000 pieces of footwear with over 4,500 years of history. This massive shoe collection will excite those interested in both fashion and history!

Museum of Witchcraft – Cornwall, England

Opened in 1951 by Cecil Williamson, the museum exhibits the largest witchcraft collection in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the practice and history of witchcraft and magic, and view artifacts such as a witch’s altar and a magician’s sword.

British Lawnmower Museum – Merseyside, England

With over 250 lawnmowers, this museum is a tribute to the garden machine invented in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding. Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it?

Toilet Seat Museum – Alamo Heights, Texas, U.S.

Barney Smith, a retired plumber, has been creating toilet seat art for over 30 years. More than 1,000 of his decorated toilet covers are on display in the Toilet Seat Museum… which is in fact Barney’s garage in Alamo Heights, Texas. Since Barney is the only person who operates the museum, we recommend calling first, so he knows to open his doors.

Instant Ramen Museum – Osaka, Japan

Dedicated to ramen noodle cups and creator Momofuko Ando, the museum showcases the many ramen flavors created, and a reproduction of the hut where the noodles were first produced. You’ll even have the opportunity to make fresh noodles and assemble your own cup noodles.

Cumberland Pencil Museum – Keswick, England

The Cumberland Pencil Museum takes visitors through the history of the pencil and pencil making. The museum is also home to the biggest pencil in the world! According to legend, a huge storm in the 1500s uprooted trees in Cumberland, and graphite was discovered. Shepherds used the graphite to mark their sheep, leading to the creation of the pencil industry.

Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum – Gatlinburg, Tennessee, U.S.

Explore the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee housing a collection of over 20,000 sets of salt & pepper shakers from around the world, some dating back to the 1500s. Andrea, an archaeologist, was fascinated by the history behind salt & pepper shakers, and so she launched the museum. The museum also displays the largest collection of pepper mills in the world!