Boosting Your Corporate Travel Program: The Importance of Online Adoption

Written By: Ben Claxton, Fox World Travel – Online Technology Manager


Ben Claxton, Online Technology Manager

We could talk on and on about the benefits of booking corporate travel online through your designated OBT (Online Booking Tool).  We can talk about policy driving cost savings.  We can talk about preferred vendors providing a better experience.  We can talk about profile information providing a better encapsulation of travel data which is the lifeblood of your travel program.  We can talk about doing all that in an easy to use, and therefore cheaper, more efficient, process. But none of that matters if no one is using your online booking tool.  Let’s talk about Online Adoption.  

Online adoption for a corporate travel program refers to the use of a designated OBT to make travel arrangements, which can help businesses reduce costs and streamline their travel booking processes. It provides employees with greater flexibility and convenience when making travel arrangements while ensuring compliance with the company’s travel policy. Here are some steps you can take to increase online adoption.

Step 1: Know Where You Stand 
Let’s start simple. Before you can increase online adoption, you need to know where you currently stand. You cannot manage what you can’t measure.  Good data is the key to most goals, and this is no different.

Step 2: Communication is the Key to Success 
The biggest tool you have when it comes to increasing online adoption is communication. Every organization has a different culture and how they communicate effectively can vary. However, that ability to communicate within your organization is paramount to achieving this goal. If you are looking for guidance on how to best communicate this process, lean on your Travel Management Company (TMC). Expect More from your TMC partner to showcase to your corporate travelers the benefits and ease of booking online.

Step 3: Win Over Key Stakeholders 
Identify the key stakeholders in your organization and win them over. This might involve extra communication or specific training. The goal is to show them the benefits of booking online and make them advocates for the tool.

Step 4: Keep Your Site Maintained 
Maintaining your online booking tool is essential for keeping adoption rates high. The most important elements of an efficient site include:

  • A policy that makes sense. Not policy for the sake of policy, but policy that points the traveler in the right direction.
  • Messaging that is both actionable and specific. Keeping messaging simple and concise will support your adoption goals.
  • Sorting that shows relevant results. Remove or hide options that do not apply to your travelers.

Step 5: Reassess Regularly 
Finally, don’t forget to reassess your online booking tool regularly. At Fox, we believe your travel program is not a rotisserie chicken, you cannot set it and forget it.  This could mean quarterly check-ins with your Client Solutions Manager or regular site audits by your Online team. The goal is to keep your travel program up-to-date and ensure that your efforts to increase online adoption are working.


Overall, online adoption is an important aspect of corporate travel programs. By taking steps to increase adoption rates, you can save money, improve the overall travel experience, and streamline your travel program. Remember, communication, stakeholder buy-in, and regular maintenance are key to making online booking a success. Connect with a Fox team member to assist every step of the way.


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