Bree Moede’s Trip to China (Gallery)

Bree Moede, of our Appleton Office, shares some beautiful pictures from her recent trip to China!

Bree Moede recently returned from a whirlwind, two week trip in China. She had this to share about her journey: “I just crossed my number one bucket list trip off my list! I spent two weeks in China in November.  My husband and I planned our trip around a four night river cruise up the Yangtze River. This was an amazing cruise, the views were incredible. We were surrounded by mountains, with small towns perched on the sides. We saw fisherman in homemade wooden boats casting their nets. The cruise stopped every day for excursions that included small villages, the Three Gorges Dam and Ghost City to name a few.

After the river cruise we spent four days in Shanghai. A very noisy city! The food was interesting to say the least. Sea Horses, star fish and scorpions on a stick anyone?  We also spent four days in Beijing. The highlight of course was the Great Wall. We arrived very early, so we had the whole area to ourselves for the first hour! We hiked for about six hours. In some areas we had to crawl up the steps because it was so steep! It is so much more rugged and beautiful then any pictures I have ever seen. We took a ski lift ride to get to the top and rode a toboggan to get back down. This is a great trip, the culture is so different and worth experiencing!”

You can learn more about Bree’s trip or contact her for guidance planning your own vacation to China by contacting her online here.

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