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As a travel manager, you juggle a lot of responsibility. You want corporate travel tools, including business travel apps, to make your life—and the job of your business travelers—easier. So, when you’re looking for a travel management company, finding a team that offers more than the standard corporate travel booking tools is essential.

“We know that travel can be complicated and stressful, so we take as much of that away from our travelers and travel managers as possible,” says Beth Marino, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Fox World Travel.

In addition to reducing traveler friction, the organization keeps in mind the core reason professionals conduct business travel in the first place: to build a business. “Travel for a frequent business traveler is simply a necessary aspect of their job,” she explains. “We put everything in their hands so they’re empowered with the information they need to succeed.”

While many travel management companies use third-party corporate travel tools, Fox World Travel takes it a step further by creating technology that enriches the customer experience. In the end, the goal is to fully utilize technology for the benefit of customers. “We push its limits, refuse to accept the status quo and make it all that it possibly can be for our customers,” says Marino.

From business travel apps to invoicing technology, streamlined corporate travel booking tools and a knowledgeable team of experts to back it all up, here’s a closer look at five of the top traveler tools Fox World Travel offers.

Five top corporate travel tools at Fox World Travel

#1 Fox Invoice 3i

A one-of-a-kind business travel tool designed exclusively by Fox World Travel, this interactive invoice allows travel managers to connect with travelers through intuitive and intelligent features, including:

  • Custom intelligent messaging that allows travel managers to communicate with travelers in a way that is meaningful and improves the traveler experience
  • Complete reservation details
  • Loyalty program reminders
  • Co-branding
  • Duty of care support
  • Traveler tool links, including travel visa reminders
  • Click-to-call functionality and more

Fox World Travel’s Client Solutions team works in tandem with travel managers to display custom and conditional messaging that improves the traveler experience and helps drive travel policy compliance.

#2 Fox Waivers 3i

This revolutionary business travel tool is only provided by Fox World Travel and allows the entire team to be proactive in times of traveler friction, virtually eliminating stress and anxiety. This waiver technology mitigates the impact of flight disruptions by contacting clients immediately when a waiver is made available by the airline.

Inclement weather. Airline technical problems. Labor actions. Let’s face it; disruptions happen. Fox Waivers 3i merges the traveler’s itinerary with major airline waiver info, instantly syncs information, saves money by reducing change fees and simplifies the process for everyone involved.

Fox Waivers 3i also allows Fox to monitor trends in travel disruptions and efficiently shift staffing to support the events, so when disruptions occur, travelers will always have a team of experts ready to assist.

#3 Fox Portal 3i

This mobile-friendly website is designed to meet the unique requirements of your travel management program. Fox Portal 3i is a one-stop resource of education, information and essential travel-related tools. The traveler dashboard features important pre-booking and post-booking information, including agent contact info and online booking details, flight status, TSA wait times and more. It also houses the traveler’s invoice details for easy access to trip information. Best of all, the tool is easily customized to reflect your company travel policy and needs. In addition, there is a convenient single sign-on capability to SAP Concur online booking tool.

#4 MyFoxWorld 3i Mobile App

Fox World Travel has developed and launched a custom mobile business travel app, known as MyFoxWorld 3i, which empowers travelers with day-of-travel information in the palm of their hand. MyFoxWorld 3i features itinerary information, destination guides, geolocation services, weather updates, mobile check-in, directions and so much more. No online access? No problem. Much of the essential info is available offline. The app can also send alerts about airline delays and cancellations and reminders when it’s time to check in.

Through the app, clients have easy access to online booking through Concur. And when travelers need agent support, Fox World Travel is available at the touch of a button.


#5 Online Booking

Fox World Travel leverages team member expertise on emerging technologies to recommend online booking tools that best match the unique needs of each customer. Customers are supported by Fox World Travel’s knowledgeable help desk and bi-weekly training webinars, both of which are available free of charge. The result: companies meet their online adoption goals and reduce transaction costs while increasing traveler satisfaction.

A dedicated online travel technology team

The Fox World Travel online travel technology team works exclusively with online booking technology. They administer, program and support the online booking tools from site set up, through training sessions and navigational support to product enhancement and issue resolution. Along the way, the online help desk is ready to assist, when needed.

For travel managers, Fox World Travel’s level of commitment to online booking means they can rest assured their business travel tools are agile and a team of experts will respond quickly to changes in policy or travel requirements.

Online Booking Tools (OBTs) expertise

Finding online booking tools that meet your organization’s unique travel program goals is essential. That’s why Fox World Travel creates custom solutions for clients. Fox is one of only a handful of travel management companies classified as a Travel Certified TMC with SAP Concur. The designation indicates the organization has met stringent requirements for efficient case management, timely implementations and more. In addition, Fox’s dedication to enhancing the customer experience by maximizing SAP Concur tools has earned the organization the SAP Concur Customer Experience Award.


Corporate travel tools that fit your company’s unique needs

When it comes to finding the right travel management company to support your organization’s business travel needs, it’s vital to have a toolbox full of technology that makes your job as a travel manager easy while improving your business travelers’ experiences. From business travel apps to corporate travel booking tools, Fox World Travel is dedicated to providing the best in innovative technology to help you meet your goals.

“In our technology suite, the ultimate goal is to eliminate traveler friction and anxiety,” says Marino. “We make travelers as productive as possible while traveling.”

For more information about the business travel apps and corporate travel tools provided by Fox World Travel, give us a call at 888.369.8785 or contact us online.

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