Attendee’s Say Fox’s Training Program has Something for Everyone

How you get started and adapt to the constant evolution of corporate travel plays a large role in the success of your travel program. The Fox Professional Travel Certification (FPTC) was designed with these challenges in mind by addressing the pain points of today’s manager. Attendees of this 2019 Magellan Gold Award winner for Overall Training Program are empowered by experts to create and update old policy along with being educated on trending topics such as duty of care. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

corporate travel training class from 2019


New to Your Role in Travel? 

“Being completely green to the corporate travel manager world, this was a fantastic crash course on understanding my position and duties. I particularly liked the Travel policy (creating, things to think about, to add, take away) and Duty of Care sections. [It] made me and my coworker think about lots of resources and directions to address to better our policy for our travelers and the company.”

“Being new to the travel industry, I felt this course has prepared me to do my job better each day by giving me the tools necessary to understand and navigate the field. Listening to others’ personal and organizational experiences in the industry gave me much more insight into the larger picture of what I do day today. I definitely believe I am better equipped to advocate for travel policy and to support my organization’s travelers after having taken this course.”

Looking to Update Your Current Travel Policy?

“This course provided an excellent overview of the major travel industry topics. The materials were well organized, updated and can be used as an ongoing reference. Emily was very well prepared, is personally knowledgeable about the content and it is clear she pays close attention to all [of] the details to make it a worthwhile and positive experience for everyone. I left with a renewed purpose to continue to improve our traveler experience and our efforts to educate our travelers on things they should do around safety & security before they go.”

“I am excited to update our travel guidelines and communicate the benefits of being compliant with our program. It was so valuable to walk through all the important elements of a good travel policy and grasp the “why”. More than anything I am now more confident having conversations with my new leader about our travel program and taking more ownership of it moving forward.”

“This course is perfect for travel managers looking to update and improve their company travel policy, or individuals who are just starting out in a travel management role. The open discussion layout of the course means you are able to learn a lot from not only the instructors, but other travel managers in the class. You are able to walk away from this class with improved confidence and high knowledge of travel policy and management.”

Curious how to Integrate Duty of Care Initiatives?

“Our Travel Policy needs quite a few tweaks. I gathered from the class that there are issues I had never thought of and most of it involves duty of care. The other takeaway that excites me is the knowledge about the possibility for Group Air/Group Meeting. Had no idea that even existed!”

“All of the content in the course was extremely useful. The information on communicating your policy with both c-suite and travelers will be extremely useful! This course also opened my eyes to the importance of Duty of Care.”

With the industry of travel in mind, Fox continues to analyze ways to empower those managing programs beyond our FPTC. Have a question about your program? Contact our team of business travel experts here. Additionally, keep an eye out for future FPTC announcements regarding 2020 courses.

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