Business Travel Tools

At Fox World Travel, we provide a level of service exceeding the expectations of our clients. We have developed a unique blend of service and technology to create a convenient reservation and travel experience.

We understand your travel program and travelers are unique and will work with you to discover the custom solutions just right for your organization. Our suite of business travel tools offers you all the options to create your perfect travel program.

Traveler resources

We aim to provide the best resources for business travelers to make travel planning easy and help you, the travel manager, save time. These tools provide for better communication and travel management as well as ease of reporting expenses at the end of a trip.

Monitoring and price support

Fox World Travel provides monitoring services to ensure your traveler has a pleasant experience at the best rates available.

  • Seat monitoring: Fox monitors airline seats until the time of check-in to provide your traveler with the best possible seat assignment. Unlike many other business travel services, we monitor seats frequently—every 24 hours.
  • Rate monitoring: Airlines, car and hotels rates are constantly monitored, giving you and your travelers one less thing to consider.
  • Low-fare guarantee: We guarantee you will get the lowest fare available for your specific travel destination.

Added bonus: Fox Waivers 3i inform travelers when opportunities are available to adjust scheduled flights and avoid airline change fees through the use of advanced airline waiver technology when travel disruptions happen.

Travel management tools

Through the use of online portals and apps, we provide you and your traveler the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Fox Portal 3i: Fox World Travel can completely customize a web page for travelers and travel managers to provide your organization’s travel tools and resources all in one place. This portal may include details about Fox World Travel, how to contact us while on the road, links to travel tools and access to your organization’s travel policy. This customization can be as simple or as extensive as you need, and we can integrate this portal with your internal intranet for easy traveler access.
  • Trip Lingo® – Travelers will feel more confident with this app, which enables them to easily navigate the language and culture barriers through a mobile suite of tools.
  • Passport and visa reminders – We will proactively inform travelers of passport and visa needs based on their travel itinerary. This means your traveler won’t be delayed or detained due to incomplete or lack of information.

Communication tools

Our communication tools give us the ability to reach out to your traveler while he or she is en-route or at their destination.

  • MyFoxWorld 3i – Our mobile app makes information accessible by the touch of a finger on the day of travel. The app can send push notification alerts about airline delays and cancellations, as well as 24-hour check-in reminders.
  • Delay and cancelation notification – For those employees without a smartphone, we can provide immediate alerts of flight changes to via text message. Also, this message can be sent to one other person, such as the travel manager or an administrative assistant.
  • Destination messaging – We are able to deliver location-specific, time-sensitive messages to travelers. These messages may be of a duty of care nature, providing travelers with alerts about safety and security, or they may help enhance the traveler’s experience by providing information on preferred transportation, hotel Wi-Fi or even fitness center options.

See our Traveler Communication page for more communication tools that will assure you and your traveler are sharing the information needs to help make business travel easy and stress-free.

Payment and financial reporting tools

We provide payment and financial reporting solutions to help solve the unique challenges travel managers and travelers face during and after the business trip.

  • Fox Invoice 3i – A completely redesigned and highly customizable itinerary that combines the travel itinerary with the invoice and allow for organizations to interact and communicate with travelers.
  • Virtual payments – Through virtual payments, we provide a unique payment ID for every travel purchase, removing the need to issue a physical credit card and sort through credit card statements when reconciling expenses.

If you manage business travel and are looking for customizable business travel tools, give Fox World Travel a call at 920.236.8000 or 888.369.8785 or contact us online.