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Fox World Travel serves organizations and their travelers with expertise and unprecedented care. Corporate travel management needs are not the same for everyone, so we focus on partnering with you to develop custom business travel programs with technology and services that are the right fit for each organization and their travelers. Our team of industry experts guide our customers in developing a strong business travel program.

Whether your company is interested in exploring the idea of partnering with a Travel Management Company for the first time or you are considering a switch from your current business travel provider, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the many benefits we can offer your company or organization.

How Our Services Stand Out

Our 99% customer retention rate and industry leadership come from our willingness and ability to customize a corporate travel program to fit your organization’s needs as well as the needs of your traveler. Fox’s culture is dedicated to finding a way to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Client Solutions Expertise
  • Travel Program Scorecards
  • Customized Solutions and Flexibility
  • Innovative and Exclusive 3i Technology
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Feedback
  • SAP Concur Certified TMC
  • Client Education Opportunities
  • Industry-leading Leadership Team

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Why Choose Fox as your Travel Management Company?

Benefits to you

You and your travelers get 24/7 customer service, booking solutions, traveler tools, mobile solutions and traveler communication. Data security is also top priority and Fox is PCI/GDPR compliant.

Traveler safety

Our duty of care services and traveler tools provide for fast, effective communication.  Highlights include travel and risk alert advisories, Waivers 3i, crisis management reporting and more.

Understanding your program

Our analytics, performance reports and industry information provide the business intelligence you need to get a complete view of your corporate travel program.

Meetings and incentives solutions

If you are looking to conduct a business meeting or either start or enhance an incentives program, we have experience planning literally thousands of events and travel incentives.

3i Technology

Fox empowers you and your travelers with the information needed to succeed through travel technology solutions following our 3i philosophy to create technology that is innovative, intuitive and intelligent.

Fox Invoice 3i

A one-of-a-kind business travel tool designed exclusively by Fox. This interactive invoice allows travel managers to connect with travelers through intuitive and intelligent features, including custom messaging, reservation details, loyalty program reminders and more.

Fox Waivers 3i

This revolutionary tool allows the entire team to be proactive in times of traveler friction. Fox Waivers 3i technology mitigates the impact of flight disruptions by contacting clients immediately when a waiver is made available by the airline.

Fox Portal 3i

A custom website designed to meet the unique requirements of your travel management program, serving as your company’s one-stop resource for education, information and essential travel-related tools.

MyFoxWorld 3i Mobile App

Our custom business travel app features itinerary information, destination guides, geolocation services, weather updates, mobile check-in, directions and more.

Are you interested in learning more?

Fox World Travel is a strategic partner that has the tools to make your job easier and make your business travel program more cost-effective. A well-designed travel management program will save you time and reward you with happier travelers. Learn how we can help by calling us today at 920.236.8000 or 888.369.8785 or contact us online.

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