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Global Solutions
to consolidate all your multinational travel into a single program

Having Customized Solutions is Key

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If you have travelers based around the world, it can be challenging to juggle multiple tools, systems, policies and travel providers. Fox brings it all together for you, with a single global account manager based in the U.S. and local service in more than 100+ countries through our partnership with BCD Travel. As one of the largest BCD affiliates, Fox brings you the global solutions of a mega agency, while delivering the added benefits of high-touch service, flexibility, responsiveness and customization that Fox is known for.
Benefits of a large partnership
Personalized care
Attention to detail
Valuable partnership and the trust you want
“In our 15+ years of partnership, it is very clear that Fox World Travel has a passion to make a difference, a vision for achieving positive change in our industry and the commitment to make it happen”.
Kathy Bedell
Senior Vice President, Americas & Affiliate Program | BCD Travel
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Benefit of the right-sized agency

for U.S. volume, allowing for high-touch service, flexibility and customization supported by the stability of a global network and ease of a single provider outside of the U.S.


Fox is one of the largest BCD Affiliates and the relationship is over 15 years’ strong. Both Fox and BCD maintain a privately held ownership structure and a long-term relationship that is not impacted by industry consolidation.

Traveler Engagement

Both Fox and BCD use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to understand and engage travelers throughout their journey. Our shared technology approach delivers consistent touchpoints and resources regardless of what country the traveler is from.

Duty of Care

Locate and message travelers globally from one central source to access traveler and risk data in real-time.

Multinational Consolidation Leads to Savings and Duty of Care
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Global Service Level Agreement

A single SLA to provide consistency in service delivery measurement in every country.

Global Concur Expertise

Both Fox and BCD hold the highest level designation with Concur as TMC Partner Elite.

Data Integrity

Both Fox and BCD operate the same quality control systems to deliver consistency globally.

Single Reporting Platform

DecisionSource aggregates global data and is supported by universal management information standards across every country to deliver accurate, consistent reporting.


BCD owns and operates the majority of in-country operations, delivering the strength and steadiness of a global network whether your travel program is operating in only a few countries to the over 100+ locations supported by the Fox and BCD relationship.

Ease of Single Travel Management Relationship

Fox provides governance and management of the contractual relationship, encompassing BCD locations around the globe. A Fox Global Client Solutions Manager will lead your program management globally.

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