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We are so much more than just a partner for your organization's travel program.

Mary Jo Theimer
Global Sales Director


Mary Jo Theimer is a distinguished Global Sales Director at Fox World Travel, boasting an exceptional career spanning over three decades within the travel industry. With her profound expertise and vast experience, Mary Jo consistently delivers outstanding client solutions and exceptional service.

Throughout her tenure at Fox World Travel, Mary Jo has excelled in multiple roles, including six years as a Client Solution Manager and the past decade as a Global Sales Manager. Her unwavering commitment to a relationship-first, consultative approach to selling corporate travel management services has earned her unparalleled success in collaborating with companies across the United States and on a global scale.

Prior to joining Fox World Travel, Mary Jo skillfully managed a multimillion-dollar travel program for a prominent contract manufacturing company based in Wisconsin. Her invaluable experience in the hotel industry, where she served as a field sales leader, further enriched her knowledge, allowing her to mentor and elevate new property sales managers to exceed expectations.

As a Travel Manager and TMC Account Manager, Mary Jo developed a well-rounded perspective that uniquely positions her as a reliable consultant for travel professionals seeking informed decisions to streamline their programs efficiently and save costs.

In addition to her thriving professional career, Mary Jo actively engages in various industry associations, being a committed member of both the Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association and the Michigan and NorthCentral Chapters.

Outside the realm of travel, Mary Jo’s zest for life is evident through her adventurous spirit. She finds solace and rejuvenation outdoors, whether hiking the breathtaking mountains of Colorado or braving the winter waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her beloved canine companion. An ardent lover of nature, she indulges in kayaking, camping, and rock hounding along the serene shores of Lake Superior.

” With over three decades of experience, I passionately craft well-managed, cost-saving programs, ensuring unparalleled experiences that resonate with businesses worldwide. For me, it’s not just about selling travel; it’s about forging lasting connections and delivering exceptional service every step of the way.”


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