Travel Manager Institute

Do you have the tools and resources to successfully manage your organization’s travel program?

Today, there are a growing number professionals in human resources, procurement, and finance—areas without a background in travel—taking on the role of corporate travel manager. Our ground-breaking program—the Fox Travel Manager Institute—offers courses to help those new to travel understand the intricacies of the industry. Advanced professional development courses will also be available for those looking to dig deeper into the industry.


Day One: We begin with decoding the industry terms and unique jargon, and then move into understanding the difference between a TMC and self-booking tools and what they do, or don’t do. We then discuss reporting and get an understanding the “what, how, and why” of the data and how it can help you. Closing out day one, is a discussion on ground transportation, use of payment alternatives, and learning about the great industry resources.

Day Two: We will begin by diving into duty of care, which might very well become the foundation of your travel program. Next, you will learn about presentation and communication skills and how they will help you in your role. You will discover the nuances of meeting planning, and get insight into air and hotel programs. We will wrap up the day and share with you how it all fits together.

This course is designed for beginning to intermediate Travel Buyers looking for an overall perspective on the industry.

  • Minneapolis: Tuesday and Wednesday, September 12/13
  • Philadelphia: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3/4
  • Indianapolis: Monday and Tuesday, October 23/24
  • Milwaukee: Tuesday and Wednesday, November 14/15
  • Chicago: Q1, 2018 (TBD)

Course Fee: $2,499

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.


At the end of this interactive session you will be able to go back to your office with a new or revised travel policy ready to present to management. Your policy should meet the specific needs of your company, considering not only the company culture but the specific requirements of your senior management. You will submit your policy in advance so we may evaluate and use the one day in the most effective manner to shape and mold your travel policy to be the best it can for you. We will address all topics of a good policy and create a brief policy ‘cheat sheet’ for your TMC to ensure they are knowledgeable with the important factors needed to meet your customer requirements.

This course is designed for Travel Buyers looking for a more comprehensive approach for new policy development or updating policy suggestions and recommendations.

  • Milwaukee: Thursday, November 16

Course Fee: $1,250

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.


An interactive day at reviewing your airline contracts and spend patterns to better equip you to having successful and knowledgeable conversations with your preferred airline partners. Airline reviews require a keen understanding of what is reported, what your travel patterns may be, and the market conditions. You will be challenged by your suppliers when you do not meet your goals and objectives, because their sole purpose is to push your buying habits beyond what may be comfortable. The goal is to help you understand all the moving parts so that you can have a win-win-win conversation that helps: your company, the airline, and your travelers. In this session, we will look at your programs in detail to see what may be happening, where improvements could be made and we will look at examples of situations where knowledge for you is king!

This course is designed for Travel Buyers looking for a more in-depth discussion as we look into real-life examples and suggestions on how to better manage your airline programs and performance reviews.

  • Minneapolis: Thursday, September 14

Course Fee: $1,250

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.


Partnering with


In this one day intensive program learn how to get your travel messages to your unique audiences within the organization. Do your travelers know about your travel program and policies? Does your leadership team understand the benefits of the program and all the moving parts? Do your travelers know who your preferred vendors are and the benefits of them as they are out traveling? What information are they hungry for, and you aren’t sure how to deliver? You will learn key social media platforms that you must be aware of to ensure your travel program is
performing the best it can; and how to use them. You will look at building a presentation for your leadership team that grabs their attention and keeps it. In the end, it is about speaking with confidence and not arrogance and being the most knowledgeable travel manager in the industry!

This course is designed for Travel Buyers looking to improve their presentation skills while standing in front of an audience and examining travel social media platforms.

  • Milwaukee: Friday, November 17

Course Fee: $1,250

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.


The foundation of this one day course is about creating a win-win strategy so that you can partner with suppliers that are delivering the traveling experiences to your customers, the travelers. We will review bidding RFP’s so that you can see what to include and what not to include that makes sense for your program. This will create a partnership of trust and put in place mutual goals to ensure success for everyone. Delivering results to your suppliers creates more positive relationships when you need that little favor!

This course was designed for Travel Buyers who want to gain knowledge and experience with vendor negotiations, preparations, and delivering results that result in win-win conclusions. Great for new or experienced Travel Buyers.

  • Philadelphia: Thursday, October 5
  • Chicago: Q1, 2018 (TBD)

Course Fee: $1,250

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.


Duty of care is the most important aspect of a travel managers job, and sometimes the policy and the implementation plans are not in sync. In this one day session, we will work with your duty of care policies and make sure you have all aspects covered. No Policy? No Problem! You will create or enhance a documented work process that will ensure any issues are adequately covered to ensure the safety of your travelers in the event of an emergency.

This course was designed for Travel Buyers looking to either create or revise a duty of care policy to ensure the safety of all travelers within your company.

  • Philadelphia: Friday, October 6
  • Chicago: Q1, 2018 (TBD)

Course Fee: $1,250

* Travel costs to/from, hotel, meals, etc. are not included.

To learn more about the Travel Manager Institute and how it was developed, check out our Company Dime Article, Fox World Travel Teams With Professor Brad Seitz for New School.

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